Dreams cost fortune

Just a normal girl realizing her dreams coming true, what she doesn't realizes is that these dreams will cost her so much , her friends , her love , join a teenage girl on journey to stardom and watch her realize what fortune does dreams actually cost (contains explicit language)


5. This news isn't appreciated....

*** India's P.O.V.***


After waking up that morning, I got a call from Angie saying that the meeting with Simon and lads had been called off since Simon had some other work to tend to. That meant I had an entire week off,I was entirely ecstatic about the little vacation I had been given since the meeting was called off till the end of the week.  To get to spend an entire week free from any schedule got me flipping and no,  I'm not going insane, in fact I'm totally normal.  Not saying that I don't like what I'm doing but it was nice knowing I have an entire week off before heading to a tour in just two weeks since I've just returned from an 8 month tour right away. I spent the entire week meeting up with relatives and old friends, apparently I had lots of catching up to do.  Josh took the entire week off,  yes, an entire week off from the school since he knew that I'll be going on a tour in the coming week, so his parents didn't stop him from doing so, if anything, they only encouraged him further, supporting his decision, which was so like them.  Both mine and his parents are very lad back. They knew that when on tour, we won't be able to contact much and also that we will miss each other dearly. So,  they easily asked the principle to get him off the school,  but the excuse they gave him was that Josh needed to fulfill an prophecy , so he needs the entire week off,  principal was flabbergasted to say the least but didn't object seeing that they are on trustees board of the school. Arpita too had some days off but only half a week seeing she had to practice for her play,  my parents went with Josh's parents and also said the same thing as his parents did, saying both the families play an important rule in the prophecy,  principle didn't object this time too because my parents are also on trustees board. Me,  Arpita and Josh, all were present there during the meeting and was miserably failing to hold in our laughter . We all had too much fun that entire week.  I also had many dinner/kitty parties with my father's and mother's colleagues , I'd say they were nice, if we ignore all the antics, me, Arpita and Josh pulled during them but thank the lords that our hosts and other guests didn't mind it much, if we ignore some people who have frowns engraved on their faces but it was even more fun to annoy them further and our parents and some other guests enjoyed just as much not giving a fuck to others.  I also got visited by my cousin Arjun and his parents . Their family stayed with us for two or three days since Arjun has to start his college here in London this year since he had just passed high school. He's just one year older than me i.e. 18 . So we also spent time with them,  Arjun with our trio and his parents with Josh's and our parents,  just roaming and exploring the London city with them , telling them what's this and explaining them what's that  since they wanted to know how things work around here , so we all became their tour guides willingly. We held attention anywhere we went , for one , not to brag or anything but I am somewhat famous , second , Arpita's pretty cute and both Josh and Arjun are very handsome , I would have mentioned me being cute too but that would have sounded so vain that's why we got glares as well as winks/smirks/gestures from both girls and boys and I don't think anyone of us appreciated that but I also got to meet many fans of myself and I felt so good talking and getting to know them , it's always surreal with them . All in all , the week was total fun and I just hoped that this week will never come to an end  but like every other good thing , it also had to end and since I was always enjoying myself because of one thing or another and had met so many important people I didn't knew that the end had approached . Tomorrow is the day of meeting with Simon and the lads that earlier was called off , it's not like I don't like them or something but I just had an uneasy feeling about it , that's it. After our first meeting , the lads and I have not yet met up another time but we've kept texting and tweeting each other , I remember one time when Louis tweeted me saying that they all are gonna get back on me for doing the prank and that I would be very sorry for even thinking of pranking them in first place . Well the fans obviously got insane and started questioning me and boys about what had happened , I only replied , both to Louis and the fans by saying that Louis shouldn't not even think about pranking me because it will , I repeat it will backfire on them big time and the fans will know about the whole ordeal only if the boys tried anything with me or after the scene settles down which will only happen after some certain amount of time . After my reply both the fans and boys asked what I meant by that but I didn't reply and just let it be , because they will come to know one time or another, I'll move to timbuktu before getting pranked from Mr.devil  . And so that's all that happened with me throughout the week .Oh , I almost forget this morning, key word almost , when I bumped into someone I thought I never would and never would want to , after I dropped Arjun and his parents at airport this morning for their flight , I was just going to get some breakfast or food of that sort since , Arjun and his parent's flight was really early like 5 in the morning early and I was the only free being in our household , so I had to drop them off , not that I minded one bit of it,  rather I enjoyed myself with them for the extra time we have been provided by me diving them but just saying .So there I was walking around shops to find a cafe or anything really because I was starving and then I happened to bump into most amazayn (you see what I did there ;) ) person on the face of this planet . Please note the fucking sarcasm .And that person is none other than our very fucking own Brittany . You heard me right and I literally did bumped into her and I guess she was in a cafe or something before because she was holding a cup which went flying and she ended up soaked in her coffee .This made an smirk come on my face which I had no intention to remove .She stared at her tee before looking up at me , shock registering on her face seeing me and because of the incident that just happened .Seeing she was still in shock , I started the most dreaded conversation I have ever had , "Hey britt " , I started very smoothly , which was a surprise to both of us .But she soon recovered and replied just as smoothly , "Hey India " , with a sickly sweet smile.
"Long time no see ", I replied even more smoothly with a fake smile of my own .
"Perhaps , it is , how have you been ? ", she said with another fake smile or you can call it devil's smirk ,whichever you prefer,  or may be not because I'm sure that even devil is better than the person standing in front of me .
"Been better , Oh and I am terribly sorry for what just happened , you know , bumping and then coffee ending on you ...'', she started smiling thinking  about me apologizing to her and I'm just as sweet as I used to be even before letting me finish the sentence .But then I continued , "NOT .... "I said with a full on smirk . She glared at me and her nostrils started flaring because of her temper rising .
"You bitch ", she shrieked , which only made me smirk .
"Call me whatever you please , ' bitch' , but you and I both know that who's the real bitch between us ", I replied coolly and watched her curling and uncurling her fists due to her temper rising . She could never try to hurt me , for one , we are in public and second , she knows that I'm tougher than her and that she will be the only one hurt if she started an fight .She knew that she was defeated and couldn't do anything so I took the liberty to end this conversation .
"I'm sorry that we have to end this lovely conversation right now as I have to tend to my star duties but perhaps we could do this another time " , I said with a smirk , sarcasm dripping my voice , I know I've exaggerated by talking about my star duties,  like pshh I'm not even that famous but I really enjoyed it seeing Brittany's reaction after my innocent little goodbye to her  . Without waiting for any type of reply , I started moving past her but not before adding an sarcastic wave just to add to situation . After that I directly came home since I wasn't feeling even a slight bit hungry due to an encounter with some one very special , sarcasm intended  , but after smelling my mother's cooked pancakes , I instantly felt hungry and made my way towards kitchen and not much to my surprise , Josh and his family were over for breakfast , how can I forget , stupid me , they always are over when pancakes are made by my dear mother , look what only one meeting with Brittany did to my brain .Stupid bitch got into my head , I don't know why but I still feel a little bit sad about thinking what used to be , you can't just forget you best friend from kindergarten and move on , atleast not me, I know it's really stupid and I shouldn't feel that way because she's an total bitch but that's just how I am but these thoughts didn't lasted any longer and my mind drifted to million other thoughts to think about, after breakfast Josh me and Arpita just spent the day lounging around and having stupid conversions,  ultimately it was time to go to bed, God only knows what tomorrow holds because it has to be something important,  because if it was something not so important, Simon would have told us about the ''thing '' over a text our call and also seeing that Simon's pretty experimental, I'm not sure whether the meeting would be good or bad,  let's just hope it's good. Before laying down on my bed,  I tweeted a tweet saying good night all the beautiful people and soon enough was rewarded with so many sweet things about me by my dear followers,  I smiled at the thought of them loving me so much and with that I feel into a deep slumber filled with nothing but soothing darkness.
Next morning I was running late due to me waking up later than usual and nobody even bothered to wake me up,  some family I have,  I tell you but perhaps it was because of the exhaustion from all those activities in the week.  Whatever it was,  I was running late so I didn't have any second thoughts about my outfit looking it at once in the mirror (www.polyvore.com/walk_to_remeber/...) before running downstairs,  grabbing an apple and making an run towards my car. Lord showed me mercy and there wasn't much dreaded London traffic even in the rush hour of 9 in the morning,  I was praising every God in my head throughout the drive, saying it out loud sometimes too . I was merely 5-10 minutes late but it still bothered me seeing I was always early than required therefore I quickly greeted Eve on her desk and started on my way towards Simon's office. Once I was close enough,  I saw an figure sitting in Simon's office's waiting area , yes , an freaking waiting area just for his office , sometimes Simon is way over the top , a female figure to be precise , she surely can't be someone meant to attend the meeting otherwise she would be inside the office already,  she must have came with someone,  I wonder if she's one of the lads's girlfriend  . It would be absolutely awesome to get to meet them   , but I might not be able to since I'm really not that close to lads right now but I've met Zayn's girlfriend Perrie since she is in a band which also is signed by 'syco' , so yeah.  Anyways , as I neared the Simon's office's waiting area ,  I vaguely started recognizing familiar features,  I was confused to say the least but as I neared more ,  I recognized that form and nearly stopped once realizing who she was ,  what the heck is she doing here,  I thought bitterly . Yes,  you might have guessed who she is by now,  none other than the only person I hate in this world , our very fucking own Brittany.  Temper started rising in me but I mannered myself  and approached her.  She was startled to see me but composed herself , plastering an fake sweet smile she said , '' hey India '' , in a sickly sweet voice,  what is she trying to do,  she ain't fooling me with her fake sweetness , is she stupid or what,  I've practically known her my entire life. Fucking stupid bitch,  she think she can fool me, what an stupid excuse for human being.  
'' Hey Britt , what are you doing here , this building is meant to be for artists and last time I checked,  you were no singer? '', I asked very coolly just as the day before and watched her expressions intently with an eyebrow raised , might I add very intently since I saw Brittany shudder visibly,  it made an smirk grow on my face , damn what's happening to me, I'm smirking way too much these days.  But I let this thought go away and saw Brittany's expression change from fake sweet to her angry one.  I had clearly won this time too because I remember that when we were younger,  me,  Arpita and Josh would sing in perfect harmony and she would be the one destroying the whole damn bloody song in all family picnics and ceremonies ,  we of course encouraged her but after a while she understood that she just was not made to sing , which we all were grateful for since we all were getting pretty tired of her bashing our songs every damn time we sang and now she was just standing there,  her temper rising every second.  Since there was no reply from her ,  I continued , '' have you broke in here in hope to meet some star or something,  may be I should call for security and have you escort out of this building,  but I think that would be utterly insulting for you '' , I said all of this with an huge smirk.  
'' My girlfriend would not be escorted out of here and would not stand here listening to you insult her '' , a voice said from behind me ,  I knew that voice , of course I knew that voice , I may have listened to it thousand of times even but just to be sure , I whirled around and surly he was standing there , Harry Styles.  
'' your girlfriend ?  '' , I asked him with an eyebrow raised. 
''yes,  my girlfriend '' , he replied mimicking my action and raising an eyebrow at me.  Girlfriend,  I thought he was single , they told me so,  last time we met , only time we met,  they had mentioned that both niall and harry were single while Liam,  Louis and zayn were in relationships.  Perhaps it was an on and off sort of relationship but then wouldn't their relationship be public and I'm sure that if they were together before Brittany would have probably told this to whole of the London.  But I let the thought slip away , it was not my business anyways and merely replied in a voice that totally meant business and said , 
'' well then  , my congratulations to both of you ''
'' thank you '' , Harry replied skeptically and as for Brittany,  her face fell right off the heaven because she really expected me to make a fuss out of it and she didn't get any.  Could she possibly be anymore stupid , wait don't answer that because you would totally say yes,  I know the feeling bro because I feel it too standing there in front of the 'couple' . Whatever,  I don't care. 
'' And as for insulting her , I wasn't doing so but just being an responsible member of this enterprise , merely was curious of an stranger's presence here and seeing it's taken care of already I should head to my meeting now if you'll excuse me '' , I said , again in a very cool and business like tone and headed towards Simon's office with lengthy strides without waiting for a reply from them . During my little talk I've noticed all the lads's presence but I did nothing to acknowledge their presence and now I can feel all the eyes burning in the back of my head but I didn't do anything for them to know that I was feeling their stares instead kept with my lengthy strides . Stupid assholes,  haven't any one told them that it's not polite to stare.  It was getting so annoying now,  I was just itching to turn around and yell at them to stop freaking staring at me but just as I was on the edge of outburst , waiting area ended and I was face to face with door of Simon's office.  I knocked a little and waited for some sort of reply,  as I was waiting,  they still hadn't stopped staring at me,  like dude what is their problem,  don't they find it stupid and boring or am I just pretty to stare at.  This last thought brought an smile on my face,  God     India, you're so vain.  Haha,  I know,  I replied to my internal voice. Woah,  did I just talked to myself,  I'm going insane,  I have to clearly stop meeting Brittany , look what only a second meeting with her did to me or if this continued,  I would surely end up in an asylum. 
"come in '' Simon's voice came from other side of the door, I mentally thanked him for saving me from this stupid stalkers,  what a bunch of stupid people,  I know I was being unfair with calling all the lads stupid, when there's no fault of them in anything but they still were staring at me so that makes my argument fair,  whatever . Pulling out of thoughts, I scurried inside to be greeted by Angie,  Simon and boys's manager Paul,  I hugged Simon , then Angie but greeted Paul with a firm handshake. After that I took an sit on the couch adjacent to Simon's desk since both the leather chairs were occupied by managers.
"You're late ", exclaimed Simon ,because he knew that I'm never late , like never , Angie was giving me a sharp look .Ignoring her look ,I calmly replied that  "I got held up " , moving my hands a little to add to my reply.
"Oh well , Now all we have to do is wait for the guys to come " , Simon said.
"I don't know what's taking them so long , Simon " , Paul replied disappointedly  .Simon just shook his head as a reply.
"Well . they were in the waiting area , so it should not take them more time I guess " , I said thinking about the encounter I just had .Paul raised his eyebrow while Simon said , "So you mean they are lounging in the waiting area .." .Before I could reply , there was a knock on the door and I gestured towards the door with my hand to all three of them . 
''come in '' Simon said.  They all came in and started taking seats on couches,  Niall and Louis set in either side of me and Liam, Zayn and Harry took seats on the couch opposite Simon's desk and much to my surprise , not!!  , Brittany was not with them,  of course,  because people working with the company can only come in the offices or they have to wait in the waiting areas. 
''Took you long enough '' , Simon started while Paul give them ' we'll talk later look '.
'' sorry,  we got held up '' , Liam said on behalf of all of them.  His answer caused. Simon to laugh,  Angie and Paul to smile and me to giggle , boys were confused by our behavior.  Simon winked at me and I returned his gesture with an wink of my own and by doing thumbs up at him , boys were utterly confused now and from the corner of my eye,  I could see that Louis was going to ask what was all this about but before he could do so Simon began,  '' so I've an important news for you all '' . I wanted to say ' no shit,  Sherlock ' but I contained myself and merely nodded,  all the boys did same, so Simon continued, '' well,  I want to do an experiment....'' , and that's all it took for everyone to become nervous,  I can see that Angie had kind of guilty look on her face , what's up with her today,  I gotta talk to her later on.  
'' India,  I want you to move in with the boys '' , Simon said. Before I could reply or even think about the matter,  Angie spoke up,  '' India,  I'm so sorry,  I tried to pursue him to not do so and I tried and tried...'', oh so that's the reason behind the guilty look, Angie might look cold but I know she cares for me a lot and this only proved it more.  I smiled at the thought and cut her rambling by saying that it's ok but she won't listen and continued,  
'' I  told him you'll be missing your family and... '' 
''it's fine Angie ''
''...that you've just recently returned from tour,  you've got to.... '' 
'' it's o.k. Angie '' ,I tried again .
'' ... Have your rest and also ... '' , I couldn't take her rambling anymore so I stood up, walked towards her and wrapped her in a huge hug, she immediately shut up.  
'' Angie,  it's o.k., you couldn't do anything but thanks for trying '' , I said smiling and letting her go from my hug. She just smiled in return grateful that I'm not angry with her. 
''Care to elaborate '' , I asked Simon,  well it was more of an statement rather than question but he still decided to reply to me , 
'' well as you all are meant to go on a tour together,  I thought that you should bond together to avoid any problems during the tour '' , he explained. Now all were waiting for my reply,  but I think they all were surprised since audible gasps were heard from everyone except Simon and Angie because what I said was,  '' o.k. , when do I move '' . Simon said that I should pack and move today and started explaining. After he was finished,  I said, 
'' I only have one question '' , Simon nodded for me to continue and everyone except Angie were anxious for my question.  
'' Do I need to pack all my stuff for tour right now our can I do so by going back to my house before leaving for tour?  '' , I think they all were again surprised that I asked this,  clearly expecting something else but Simon and Angie were not at all surprised.  Simon just said that it depends on my wish.  If all of them were surprised of my questions,  I couldn't even imagine what their reactions would be if they found out what I was thinking because all through the time,  the only thing in my mind was there's no way in hell that I was getting prank'd by Mr devil in his house. 

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