Dreams cost fortune

Just a normal girl realizing her dreams coming true, what she doesn't realizes is that these dreams will cost her so much , her friends , her love , join a teenage girl on journey to stardom and watch her realize what fortune does dreams actually cost (contains explicit language)


1. The Beginning

Wow , it feels so good to be home after 8 months , 8 months , can you believe it . Oh sorry , you must be wondering who I am , well I'm India and I had just returned from an tour with 5 Seconds of Summer , you heard me . I should tell you more about myself because right now I'm just coming off as an weirdo . I'm India , I'm 17 years old who had just returned to London from an tour with an awesome band called '5 seconds of summer ' .
I'm an signed artist by "syco" and I live in London.  I'm of Indian descending.  Two years back I started covering songs and putting them on YouTube. After an year of doing so , I got called and signed by Simon Cowell in syco. Right now I've just got back to London after an tour and I'm driving my car in the parking space of "syco" building . I'm here because , well you'll have to find for yourself.  Making my way through the doors and among the people I spotted eve at her desk , if you're wondering who she is, she's the receptionist here. 
"Hey Eve " 
"Hey India , how are you ?"
"I'm good , just back from the tour  " , I said , adding an wink in the end .
"Tell me about it !! " , she replied with an wink of her own. Before I can reply her desk phone started ringing and she gave me an apologetic smile .
"Don't worry I have got to go to Angie anyway " , I told her with an dismissive wave .
"Oh yeah , you should go , you know how she is , she has been waiting for quite some time " 
"yeah yeah , I know " .
Quickly saying my good bye to Eve , I started heading in direction of my manager's office . It's not like I'm not familiar with the building or it's too crowded or anything  but I still took my time to reach the office , just because I can .
"hello !!" , I entered Angie's office without knocking or doing something to make her see my presence before entering . And just as expected she wasn't startled , even a little bit at my arrival she just stayed rooted to her leather chair .
"You are late " , she stated without even bothering for some greetings .
" so much for welcome " , I said scoffing and taking an seat on the leather chair opposite her behind the desk .
"You have to go on a tour " , she said catching me completely off guard , startling me to no end , not even bothering to look up from the papers she was working on , like it was completely normal or something , umm , hell no .
"wh..what  ?" , I managed to choke out . Noticing my answer , she glanced up from her paper with an raised eyebrow , looking at me she said ,
 " you are to go on a tour " , with no effort at all , making it seem like an very casual thing .
"Yeah , I heard you in the first time alright " , I said sarcastically after regaining my composure .
" So ? " , she questioned me with her whole attention on me now .
"so ? " , I repeated in a mocking tone (high five (; ) .
"What don't you get ? " , she asked now getting annoyed by me .
"well , what don't you get ?" , I asked , slowly pronouncing each word as if talking to an child , an obnoxious one at that , making her even more annoyed , haha , well serves you right  , I thought to myself .
"India ..." , she spoke in low and stern voice , warning me that she had enough now .
" okay , okay .." , I said raising my arms in defense .
"So , you got any problem with the new tour ? " , she asked , her attention back to her paper work , multitasking like always .
"I've just returned from tour ..? "  , I said which came out more as a question because I know that it's no valid excuse , well it may be but not in 'syco' , bloody syco !
"and ? " .
"It has not been even a day , Angie " , I said groaning .
"So you need a break or something ? " , she said in a mocking tone  , elbows on desk , attention on me and looking very intimating . I know she did it purposely , the question she asked , she knows I don't have any fucking say in if I want to go on a tour or not  , I'll have to do it anyway , it's in the fucking contract , great just great and you know who asked for that clause in my contract , my parents that's who . When the contract was in initial stage my parents had an meeting with Simon and talked about all the clauses etc but my parents asked for this one clause
"I'll do as company says in concern with my work ...blah blah blah till 2 pages "    which just simply stated that I can't say no to any task they proposed . When Simon asked my dad for the reason , he said and I quote , "If  you do something , do it with complete dedication . " 
Of course I didn't say anything  , I was completely ecstatic at that time , still high for the fact that I was getting signed and I sort of agreed with him , so , yeah  but now Angie was taking complete advantage of the contract .
"No , but you know what I mean Angie "
"And what is that ? "
"You can do something about it " , I said , at first in strong voice but it become more of a whine towards the end .
"India ... " , she sighed.
"India ... " , I parroted her in a mocking tone .
"You know I can't do anything about it " 
I just huffed in annoyance and folded my arms across my chest , she was my manager but she also worked for this damn company .
"yeahh.." , I dragged and quietly unfolded my arms .
"Thank you " , she said gratefully even when there was no need for it seeing I would have to do it anyway .
"So , who's tour is it anyway ? " , I asked casually , now that I have accepted my fate .
"I don't know " , she replied just as casually but I couldn't help but again get startled . Her reply caught me completely off -guard because she was the kind of person who was always prepared and the kind of person who gave everything a lot of thought and I know for a fact that she wouldn't just not know it .
"Wha ..? " , I said , I couldn't even complete my sentence because one she did not knew it and second it was lords know who that I was meant to go on a tour with  and third  she did not knew , yeah I exasperated but you don't know her.
"I don't know " , she said just as casually as before working with her paperwork , how did she always have so goddamn much paperwork .
"But why ? " , I asked irritated , how can she not know .She's my manager right , she is supposed to know , I'm not going on a tour with no goddamn stranger , who knows what they might be , umm , no thank you , I don't want to die this young .
"Look , you'll know tomorrow , O.K. ? " , she asked.
"so , you can tell me tomorrow but not right now ? , I countered back with an smirk.
"No , it's not like that ..."
"Oh , please enlighten me with your explanation "
" ... well , tomorrow you will have an meeting with Simon and the artist you will be going on tour with ..." she said emphasizing will be and now it was her turn to smirk and so she did but only subtle one .
"....and then we both can meet the artist , get it " , she said now emphasizing both in the sentence so as to prove that she indeed didn't knew about the artist .
"okay " , I sighed no point in arguing now , well , at least I get to know who it is that I'm going on tour with .
"Don't be late " , she said referring to my late arrival at her office . Smirking I said ,
"I won't be " 
I was ready to go and almost up from the seat when she said ,
"and ..." , I sat down and waited for her to continue .
"...the tour is in two weeks " , I was startled again , is she planning on giving me a heart attack by all these news/announcements.
"You don't say " , I said sarcastically , she could have told me before , along with all the other shit , just as I accepted all the other bullshit , she just have to go and pull my another cord . I sat there for a few moments trying to just process this blow , it's not like I don't wanna go on a tour or something but the thing is I've just returned , only this morning , period and now I'm to go on another , that's some fucked up shit .
"Just don't be late " , Angie sighed , I think she had said all she needed to , so I proceeded to go now , I can't just wait to go home and get some sleep , I'm tired as hell and hopefully sleep will help in processing this news and I also have to tell this to my parents , great  .Getting up from the leather chair I made my way towards the wooden door . Opening the door I was out and was about to close the door behind but just before that I peered in .
"Angie , what time is the meeting on ? , " I questioned .
"You should be here around 10 in the morning " , she replied whilst working .
"Hey , do you mind if I come in early ? , " I asked timidly .
"What for ? , " she questioned me in return.
"I have to record some songs " , I replied , rolling my eyes at her question even though she can't see me .
"Yeah sure , as long as you are not late for the meeting " , she said . After that I said goodbye to her and made my way out of the building , fast , some people did call me out on that shoved and elbowed my way out but I don't care , my bed is calling out to me .
Parking my car in the garage , I got inside  through connecting doors between garage and kitchen . Just as I thought my mother was inside cooking while humming songs . I don't think she noticed me because she kept on doing what she was doing and didn't acknowledge my presence .
"Hello Ma " , I said after standing in the doorway for about two minutes and just as I thought she jumped and yelped a little at my surprising appearance .
"Oh India ! " , my mother exclaimed .I chuckled and moved  forward to embrace her in a hug , which she quickly reciprocated . We were in hug for a couple of minutes , which I think anyone might find weird but the thing is I missed her so much , so I just didn't wanted to let go , it's not like we never talked or something during tour but texts , calls and skypes just don't cut it for me or anybody in my family for that matter.
Finally letting go I said 
"How have you been Ma ? "
"ah-ah , young lady , I'm the mother here , I get to ask how you've been " , she said after shaking her finger a little . I smiled amused at her , she is always like this .
"I'm good " , I said and after that we were in a conversation for a while but she said that she have to finish preparing dinner and also that I needed to rest . So , here I was climbing up the stairs and moving towards my bed . I opened the door and quickly closed it , even before looking around the room .
"Hey there " 
To say I was startled would be an understatement , I was scared shitless about someone being in my room , my mom should have told me . Turning around I looked up to see who it was .
"Josh , you scared me " , I exclaimed clutching myself in a dramatic way .
"More like half to death " , he replied grinning . I huffed , crossing my arms and mumbled an 'whatever' .
''Aww , now don't get mad at me " , he said giving me his puppy face which I cannot resist , so I gave in and forgive him , even if it was nothing .
After that we talked for sometime and soon were joined by my sister , Arpita . We talked and talked and talked , don't judge , we had catching up to do .
"You know what's Brittany saying these days ? " , quizzed Arpita .
"What is drama queen up to these days " , I questioned , rolling my eyes in the process .
"She's telling everybody that you two made up and are again friends and blah blah " , Arpita explained  in an shocked state. Before I can react to it, Josh jumped up in the conversation ,
"And the best part is , she is saying that  you were the one who came to her to apologize for your mistakes " , he explained , rooling his eyes and huffing in annoyance .
"And people believe her shit " , I asked amazed if anyone is indeed that dumb . 
"You know who believed her and who didn't " , Arpita said.
"I don't get what kind of sick pleasure she gets from spreading shit about me ", I exclaimed  .
"Popularity " , Josh simply said , me and Arpita both looked at him questionably .
"She feeds off your popularity " , he said again , explaining to us what he meant earlier , me and Arpita nodded in understanding .You must be wondering who she is , ok , umm , we all used to be best friends , we were inseparable , but when I started getting response for my cover videos , she started talking bullshit about me and not in a joking way i.e. she turned into a bitch .So , me , Arpita and Josh distanced ourselves from her. What I sometimes wonder is why she would do such things and it hurts you know , she was my best friend after all , so yeah , that's who Brittany is.  Talking and catching up , we never realized it was time for dinner , we only did when ma called us .
"where's dad ? " , I questioned first thing when entered the dining room where our dinner was already served.
"he is coming in .." , she didn't get to finish her sentence when we heard dad shout from front door ' Honey I'm home ' in a sing song voice . 
Me , Josh and Arpita started laughing our ass off becuase , umm , just because , no explanation there . He came into dinning after a while and the first thing he did was ran over to me and hug me tightly while spinning me around just like Josh did to me when I went up to bedroom .
''India ..." , my dad said in a high pitched voice .
"Daddy ..." , I replied in the same tone while giggling , everyone else cracked up at our craziness , can't blame them though .He finally put me down only when ma made an coughing sound interrupting our swirling session .
"Hey Honey " , my dad said turning around . My mother only huffed in response . 
"aww honey , I'm sorry , forgive me please " , my dad said to ma making an puppy face which she can never ever resist , so she nodded after a bit but you can easily see the smile on her face which she was trying to hide.
"Thank you , my love " , my father said giving her an gentle kiss . Leave it to my parents to be jealous of their kids I thought , rolling my eyes in the process . Both Arpita and Josh were laughing at the scene in front them .Soon after we were seated at dining table and having dinner.
Halfway through dinner I cleared my throat to gain everybody's attention and so it did .
"What is India ? " , my father asked now that everybody's attention was on me .
"Well I have been meaning to tell you that ..." , before I can continue I was interrupted by my father.
"Are you pregnant ?.... " , my father asked shocked .
"..........." , I was too stunned to answer , which my father took in a wrong way .
"You are pregnant , aren't you ?.......... "
"..da..." , I tried to stop him , but my voice was stuck in my throat , I was too horrified to answer .
"Who's the father ?  ....."
"......Did he left you  ............."
"....dad..." , I tried again .
"........that son of a bitch ..."
".. I'm gonna give him my a piece of my mind if he thinks that ...." and he would have continued his rambling if my mother won't have hit him upside down his head , he shut his mouth at once .
"God , let her at least say something , you ass " , my mum muttered .Yeah , i know . Exhaling a breath my father said ,
"Fine " 
"phew" , I let out an breath .
"well ? " , my father questioned . Isn't he patient today , I thought sarcastically .
"Umm , I have to go on a tour " , I said after drawing in an breath .
"Why , you just have returned from one ?"  , Arpita asked and everyone nodded in agreement with her.
"Well ,  I can't do anything about it , can I now ? " ,  I said sarcastically , looking at my parents with narrowed eyes. They reciprocated my gaze but after a few moments my mother's gazed softened in a way of apologizing to me but my father's gaze remained hard but not me , on the fact that he made that clause which I mentioned earlier and also that he didn't wanted me to go on a tour right away .
My mother somehow convinced dad to let me go even though it was entirely mine decision , ok , not mine but it neither their's .It was very clear that both dad and Josh were not happy with this , neither ma and Arpita but they still are supporting it , that's why Josh went back to his house or else he would have stayed over night . I would have argued with him over it but I knew he need to calm down so I just let him be .If that wasn't enough , my sister just have to come and fill my mind with thoughts of being on tour with one direction . After dinner she came in my room  and we talked a little about a lot of things .
"So , who are you going on tour with anyway ? ..."
"I have no clue " 
"...c'mon , Angie must have told you something ?...."
"Nah "
".....Is it a band or an individual artist ?..."
"No , nothing " 
It must be One Direction " 
"Huh , how , what ? "
"Look , 1D are like the only free artist signed by them , like all the other are either recording an album , on a tour or are totally new , so yeah "
I looked at her skeptically , how does she even come up with this kind of logic.
"Omg , omg , I'm gonna meet One Direction , my friends are gonna be so jealous ! "
"Do you even have any friends " , I asked smirking at her.
"Huh , whatever " , and with that I was left alone , may be she's right , may be she's not , guess I'll only know tomorrow . With that I fell into a much needed slumber.
Morning cam just as quickly and of course nobody woke me up for the meeting , my parents are soo caring .
Since I was a little late than my schedule I just put on  whatever   I can in a short time and dashed for my car in the garage .Thank the lords it was still very for traffic hours and I was in the building at around 8:30. I already met Angie and she said that I should be back before the meeting , I just agreed and I went towards the studio . On my way I bumped into Simon , no like literally , what a way to start a day.
"Hey India , you look in hurry " , Simon said .
" Hey Simon , nah I was just not paying attention " , I replied shrugging because I really wasn't . I was thinking about what Arpita said yesterday .
"Hmm , okay , be on time for meeting " , he said already on his way to his office or something . Just as he was about to turn the corridor , I shouted ,
"The band , One direction it is ,right ? "
"Yeah , how do you know ? " , he asked skeptically , eyeing me up and down . I just shrugged in response , he kind of nodded in response . Again just as he turned , I said  ,
"Can I ask you something ? " , he nodded as in encouraging me to go on.
"You won't mind if I prank them right ? " . He shook his head in response while chuckling. 
"Thanks " , I said .
"Nothing big though "
"Promise " , I replied . I don't know why but the idea of pranking them seems like a good one . They won't know hat hit them . This is gonna be so much fun . Now all I have to do is wait for them.


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