Dreams cost fortune

Just a normal girl realizing her dreams coming true, what she doesn't realizes is that these dreams will cost her so much , her friends , her love , join a teenage girl on journey to stardom and watch her realize what fortune does dreams actually cost (contains explicit language)


6. Am I missing something..

Sitting here with all my needed stuff packed away in suitcases and bags , I was utterly bored .I couldn't even hide it with constant yawning and moving from one place to another in hope of  finding some kind of entertainment , which by the way always disappointed me because I was repeating the same routine of going in every room then starting the cycle again. As you might have concluded , I'm alone right now , dad and mom are both gone to their work , Arpita is at her friends's place and as for Josh , he's a little upset with me and isn't talking to me , at all. He's upset over Simon's experiment of me shifting with the lads , it's not like I can change it or anything , so may be shouldn't make this a big issue .May  be he just doesn't understand and needs some time adjusting to the news , oh , who am I kidding , he isn't stupid , of course he understands but I think I would have done the same thing if I was in his place but I won't go to extent of ignoring all texts and calls , that's plain rude .Yes , he's ignoring me like I don't exist , which hurts because we rarely even fight and even then he doesn't ignore me like this . I was currently waiting for the lads to pick me up since my parents wanted to meet up with the lads before agreeing with Simon's experiment  . So we agreed that they will pick me up from my home for the whole 'moving in with them ' thing .My parents are supposed to be at home around 2 p.m. . I had already checked television for any interesting show but was not able to find any . It's been a lot of time , they should have been already here , what is taking them so long , probably stuck in traffic , that seem pretty nice explanation but at least they should have told me if they were going to be late , that's very rude from their part. Hmm , may be they forget about  the whole picking me and stuff .
I know it's a big thing and they are big boys but they still are boys and let's just admit it , boys are really stupid and forget about many important things all their life , no offence though . May be I should just ask them about their whereabouts .With that thought in mind I quickly started moving towards my room because right now I was lounging in the living room . My phone was just laying peacefully on my bed when I entered my room . Picking it up I quickly typed a message to Louis .

To Louis :
Hey guys  , you do know that you have to pick me up right ? 

I was nervously waiting for his reply because ever since we have been in touch , he always replies quickly to my texts , like withing a minute . Now it has been 5 minutes and he still haven't replied , hmm , how very unusual . I still continued waiting for his reply , thinking nothing of his lateness . After half an hour , I gave up , c'mon , nobody takes that long to reply . Shrugging I started thinking of what to do next .
It's been some time when I last did follow spree , a follow spree would be nice . With that in mind I grabbed my laptop and logged in to twitter .

"Anybody up for follow spree . Send me something funny and I'll follow you " .
I quickly typed this in and sent a tweet . Within minutes many of my fans started sending damn ass funny things to me , some of them was so funny that it caused tears to spill out of my eyes while I rolled on the floor clutching my stomach , damn they sure how to make someone laugh . 
I don't know how many people  I followed or how many tears I shed over their funny stuff because somewhere between rolling on the floor and laughing my ass off I fell asleep , yup , leave it to me to fall asleep in the middle of laughing .I was woken up by constant knocking on front door and my phone ringing simultaneously  , which can give you a major headache . Rolling on the floor , I picked up my phone while groaning . I immediately started going downstairs whilst declining the call even without checking who it was . Opening my door , the scene that met my eyes was very .. umm how do you put it , very boys like I guess , they were all fighting , so you can say that it's what boys do or something , whatever.
O.K. , not everybody was fighting , only Louis and Harry were arguing about something while Liam was trying to calm them down , Zayn was behind them not doing anything , weird lad that one,and Niall was smiling at me ,why,I don't know but it was damn nice like a full on cute smile which'll have every girl swooning I swear .
Only now I noticed that Louis and Harry were arguing about something related to me when I heard my name in their conversation , if you can call it one .
"Dude , why do you drive like a fucking snail , what if she is not at home now or something " , Harry hissed at Louis .
"Puh-lease , like she will leave for anywhere while I'm waiting here for her and by the way , roads are meant for driving not racing you fuck-tard " , Louis replied in that sassy tone of his , which had me , Niall and Zayn chuckling . Only now I realized that Zayn has neither acknowledged my presence nor denied it . As if feeling my stare on his , Zayn looked up and gave me an nod with an smile which I replied with an uncertain nod and smile of my own because I was absolutely startled at his sudden movement .
"Break it up you two , she might just be out for grocery shopping or something " , Liam said to them , mumbling the last part , about time someone took charge 'Daddy Direction ' , I thought sarcastically . 
"Louis , Liam better be right and are you even sure that it's right address or something " , Harry said in a angry like tone , not entirely hard but not entirely his normal tone either .
"First of all , don't use that tone with me mister and secondly are you doubting my abilities over locating a house " , Louis said to Harry in mocking tone , challenging him to use that tone again with an eyebrow raised to add to the effect . They continued this back and forth for quite some time before Zayn stepped in sensing tension between them getting a lot thicker than it should over such a petty thing .
"Guys .." , Zayn started . All three of them turned around and shouted ' what ' to him for interrupting their so called conversation . Zayn  just nodded in my direction , they all  followed his gaze , looking at me in the end of it . All their eyes went wide knowing that I was here the entire while they were busy talking . I smirked a little , told you boys are stupid .
"Oh thank God India , that you are here , Harry was going ape shit over your absence " , Liam said nodding his head little to his right where Harry was standing .
"Was not " , Harry defended himself .
"Was so " , Louis said smirking . I quickly decided to step in before they continue this childish argument , normally I would have enjoyed something like this but not when I have to stand at my door for this .
"Ah , it's nothing " , I said doing an dismissive wave with my hand . This caused Liam to smile , which caused me to smile , which caused all of them to smile but suddenly  Liam  frowned , which caused me to frown which caused all of them to frown.
"Why didn't you pick up my calls ? " , Liam asked still frowning .
"Oh , well I was sleeping " , I replied , which I know is only partially true , I'm not gonna tell them about me purposely ignoring it.
"Oh , ok " , he said.
"You wanna come in or you want to spend your time here on my front door ? " , I asked chuckling at the end .
An chorus of 'yeahs' was heard and with that we all moved into the house.I started heading towards my room and they all were following me .
Entering my room , I sat on my bed , Liam sat on swivel chair , Zayn on recliner , Harry on my bean bag , Louis on bed beside me and Niall just sat on the floor , all of them looking around my room . A ll the lads and me were looking at Niall with 'WTH' look but since none of the lads made any comment on it , I also ignored it , may be he's always like this .
After a minute or two , Louis pulled me on his lap , to say I was startled would be an understatement , my whole body went rigid and my whole posture was stiff but after a few moments I started relaxing and made myself comfortable on his lap . I think I'm  most close to Louis to among all of them , we were constantly messaging and tweeting each other .This action caused everybody to look at us questionably since Louis is already in a relationship so Liam being the most  responsible one asked ,
"Uh , Lou what are you doing ?" . I don't know what kind of answer they were expecting from him but all he did was shrug in response .After that they didn't bother asking him about his actions .
"So , you seem a  little ..uh.." , Niall started saying after a few minutes of silence while scratching his neck.
"alone " , I finished for him .
"yeah , how do you know ? " , he said skeptically .
"c'mon , a teenage girl in this big ass house , anybody can guess that " , I replied while shrugging because it is indeed no big deal .
"Okay , yeah , so you seem a little alone , why ,you don't have to answer that but I'm just curious  " , Niall said , who genuinely looked curious.
"well , nobody's home " , I answered him vaguely .
"No shit sherlocks , obviously " , Louis said in a 'duh' tone .
"Yeah , yeah , well my parents are out for work obviously , my sister's gone to her friend's house " , I told them.
"what about Josh " , Harry asked a little too harshly . I immediately tensed up at that question , I know I'm not obliged to answer this question but I did anyway. Louis must have sensed my body going into rigid state because he immediately started rubbing my back comfortingly but this action was out of sight of any lad which stopped any unnecessary questions .
"He is busy " , I said turning my head a little beforehand  , it came out more cold than I intended but oh well .
"A good best friend you got there , right " , Harry said mockingly , I don't why is he digging so much into it when it's none of his concerns .
"Every body gotta do what they have to " , I replied in a stern voice , which stopped his any further questions . Tension in this room right now was too thick bear which we have our dear Harry to thank for , such a stupid boy , can't he just keep to himself , why must he dig his nose in other people's business.
After a while of silence which was not at all comfortable , awkward as hell I tell you , Niall took it upon himself to break it , which I'm so grateful for and I think everybody else in that room was too .
"I'm bored..." , Niall said dragging the 'd' in the end to emphasize the comment .
"yeah .."
"me too .."
"What do you guys wanna do ? " , I asked all of them .
"Don't know "
"Something entertaining "
"It's your house " 
The last comment was made my Louis , of course , only he can make such smart ass comment .
"Yeah , it's my house Lou , do you think I go breaking in other people's house " , I replied , rolling my eyes in the end.
"Well..., who knows " , Louis replied .
"Ha -Ha  , stupid "
"How about I give you a tour of my house " , I asked them because simply I can't think of anything else right now so this sounds like the best idea , well . because  that's the only idea .
"sounds good "
"at least I won't be stuck in a girl's room " 
I think you are all capable for guessing who made the last comment , yup , one and only Louis . With their approvals I started on the tour of my house for them . I started with living room , then dining room , kitchen , basement which is more of a entertainment room , rooftop pool , library and at last theatre  room . Yes we do have an theatre room , you have no idea how much movie junkie we can be . Personally I would rather raed At last we ended up in living room with me sitting on the carpet , well because I felt like it . Some minute passed and I was laying on the carpet with Louis beside me now when suddenly Louis pulled me on top of him but this time my body didn't went stiff and I wasn't startled . I guess I can say I was little uncomfortable but not with the his action because it almost felt natural to me now but because of my position , so I moved a few times to get in an comfortable position .I was comfortable with Louis just as I am comfortable with Josh . Without realizing I let out an breath full of desolation but I guess Louis did notice it and asked ,
"Hey , what's the matter " .
I just shook my head in reply , not wanting to say anything . He understood the message and just tightened his hold me , offering comfort in that action .This action has intended reaction and soon I felt myself relaxing a bit , there's only so much you can do for a girl in fight with her best friend . Soon we were enveloped in silence , which I welcomed but only too soon it was disturbed , can't boys just shut their mouth for some time. 

"Damn , you are house is cool " 
"Yeah , you have an home theatre , that is like so cool "
"...Let's not forget the rooftop pool... "
"...Basement dude.... "
"...and Library " , I reminded them not so politely , it's irritating how people never appreciate literature . After I said that all the boys looked at me like I was a lunatic or something , which I'm not I assure you . Personally I would choose library over any of other things any day ,that's the reason behind library in my house actually , I asked my parents for it . Not many people share my opinion but my parents and Josh does . 
Josh ... damn boy leave my mind for some seconds actually , oh , how I miss him , I just hope he comes around soon or else I will already be on a tour .

Zayn was texting someone , most probably Perrie , oh , how I adore them , they are so much in love , I can only hope that I can find love like they have in my life , they are perfect for each other , they complete each other like nobody else can .Liam was just lazily laying on L-shaped sofa while Harry and Niall were playing mario cart . They were very much into the game , you can tell only by their talking going on between them or more like shouting , whichever you prefer .  

"When are your parents coming ? " , Louis asked from beneath me .
"Yeah "
"I can't wait to meet them "
"Yeah , I'm starving "
I raised my one eyebrow at the last two questions  asked by Harry and Niall respectively . Of course Niall is hungry , I swear this boy can eat all the food in London and still be hungry , I shook my head in amusement , this boy is so weird . And why would Harry be excited over meeting my parents , is it just me or does it sound just as weird to everyone else .
"Uh Harry , why did you say what you just did " , I asked skeptically , there are many chances that he is insane or something . 
"Yeah dude , why would you say that "
"Way to be creepy , man " 
I think my question caught him off guard because next think we know , Harry is stuttering .
"Uh .. um .. you see... uh .." 
"Wow dude , you are stuttering , never thought I will say this day " , Louis said rolling his eyes in the process . This had everyone chuckling ,
leaving Harry of course .
"Uh , Niall , when are you not hungry "  , Harry asked in hopes of diverting the attention from him to Niall but we all had already caught on to his weird behavior  but we  let it slide by anyway , may be because we didn't want to make the air around us anymore awkward or simply because it was too much of a task for any of us . Nobody missed the breath of relief that Harry released when he noticed that he was not in spotlight anymore and nobody was going to ask him any more questions . 
"Hmm , so about my parents , they should be here any minute now " , I said and just as I finished my sentence , sound can be heard coming from my front door . 
"Let's get ready for it " , I muttered under my breath only to be heard by Louis .
"what  ?" , he asked confused while looking at me funnily . I shook  my head in response , not wanting to give away anything  . He still looked confused but didn't question me further .
Coming into my line of sight and everybody else for that matter , my mother opened her mouth to say something but quickly closed it . She stood there like a gaping fish with widened eyes for a few minutes . I followed her gaze only to see it was fixed on Louis and me or more on the position we were in . I quickly started to push my self off Louis because I know she will be having a field day if I don't but Louis has something other in his mind as take hold of my back and pushes me back into himself . You can actually see  excitement and hopefulness in her eyes which might seem weird to you but let me explain . I am not the girl with many boyfriends , you see I only had  three boyfriends till now and two of them weren't even serious . My only serious relationship lasted for around five months after which my boyfriend had to move away to a different place . Oh there's another thing after he moved away I didn't even try to find someone else , new boyfriend and shit but the thing is in that five months I was already invested too much to move on , no I was not in love with him , infatuation may be but not love .This last relationship of mine was over before I started putting up covers of songs you see and I'm still single , you must think I'm lonely or something but I'm not , really . O.K. , look it through my perspective , I don't have time for relationships , not right now at least , with my career and its only the beginning but my parents don't think so or rather my mother adamant about me being in a relationship , she is always  expecting me to bring home some guy or to talk to her about a guy , I don't mind much but it can get frustrating at one point but she doesn't know when to stop . I think its enough for the explanation ,  
Finally my mother closes her mouth ans she opens it again to speak but before she can utter a single word , I spoke up .

"Ma its not what it looks like " 
"ah-ah , don't lie to me like this "
"no ma , I'm not lying "
"oh really ? " , she questioned with an eyebrow raised but before I can reply to defend myself , my dad enters the room .

"India , please at least warn us beforehand if we walk into you people like this " , my dad says while shaking his head and ending it with an sigh .
"Dad , it's not like this okay , let me explain " , I say desperately in hopes that they could just stop talking and don't embarrass me any further .
"You know how I feel about you being with boys but you still go and do this "
"yeah yeah , I know , not 'associating' with boys until I'm at least 28 " , I said while rolling my eyes . Dad is always so protective of me and my sister when it comes to boys , though he says not to be in a relationship and shit until we are 28 , he does actually support us through our relationships and boys .Actually it was him who gave me enough motivation to move on from my last boyfriend and no , moving on does not mean making a new one , it simply means that you are content and comfortable enough in your life without the presence of that one person who you are so used to.   

"well then , how do you explain this " , he said while gesturing to me on top of Louis's body on the floor . Rolling off Louis , I stood up , brushed my clothes a little and stuck my hand to Louis who immediately took it and stood up himself .
 "It's nothing dad , really and plus he is already in a relationship , aren't you Louis " , I said to my dad , turning to look at Louis for the end part who nodded his head in agreement with me .
My father loosened up his tense posture to the point where he was almost slouching and my mother's expression changed from one of hope and excitement to disappointed and defeated ones . Before I can say something , Liam stands up and everyone also joins him to stand beside us . Me , Louis and my parents watch them confusedly until Liam speaks up, only now realizing that they haven't introduced themselves to my parents .

"Oh , how fowl of me , let me introduce ourselves , I'm ..." , before he can continue , my mother interrupts him.
"Bullshit , I know who you guys are , you are like , I can't explain .....awesome , yeah , you guys are fucking amazing " , my mother says to them .
"thank you mam , that means so much to us and yeah " ,Liam replied for all of them . If they were surprised by my mother's color full language they choose to ignore it and didn't made any comment on it .
"Nonsense , you guys are just indescribable " , my mother says while guys just shake their head all the while chuckling .
"Stalker " , I accused her playfully , narrowing my eyes in the process . All of us burst out in laughter at my stupid accusation . Our laughter was interrupted by some strange kind of sound . All of turned our heads in direction from where the sound came to look for the source of it ,only to look at Niall who was blushing .

"Niall , did you just .......grumble ? " ,  I questioned softly , not wanting to embarrass him any further .
"Not me ..but my stomach did " , Niall replied timidly , not meeting any of our gazes . I could see that all of the lads want to burst out laughing but one glare to each one oh them and they all sober up immediately , my mother does the same to my father who also wanted to laugh at the poor guy .

"Oh honey , if you were hungry you could have just told me " , my mother softly says to Niall while putting a hand on his shoulder.
"Yeah , he had been hungry from before you guys came " , I inform my mother .
"So , what are we waiting for , let's go " , my mother says excitedly , then she takes Niall's hand and start pulling him towards dining room not waiting up for anyone of us . I'm relieved that she doesn't look upset right now and is rather happy but I do know that I'll have to talk to her later . 

Lunch went by smoothly ...not , my parents just won't stop telling the guys about my childhood and stuff , you know , when they go to extreme limits just to embarrass  you , yeah , that was what happened all through the lunch but I must say ,the lads and my parents got along very well and they approved of me shifting in with them . My parents left right after saying their goodbyes because they have to get back to their work places , I have already said my goodbye to Arpita , so no problem there , only one left is Josh but since he isn't picking any of my calls and neither is replying to my texts , my good bye for him is left pending . Guess some good byes are never spoken . Woah , that was so deep , damn .
Right now all my stuff is packed in trunk of lad's car and we are just going to head to their house , hopefully living with them won't be too awful.

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