Mrs. Styles

Emily Michel ran into Harry Styles at coffee shop latterly. Will it change there live forever?
* no one direction*


1. Coffee Shop


                                          Hi my name is Emily

        I was at a coffee shop with my Bffs Dani, Rachael, Brooke .We where visiting London.

My phone was buzzing "Unknown Number"I answered it"Hello?"

"Hi "I automatically Knew who it was


"Chris!" He said with a huff

 "Ok whatever"

" Bye" Brooke Grabbed my phone 

"No  still Ne---"Chris said as Brooke hung up the phone

"K I am going the lou"I said

"Don't talk like u are British "Rachael Huffed loudly

I wasn't paying addition to where I was going and I right into a curly hair boy

"Hi I'm Harry" the curly haired said

I just ran away in tears




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