Two secrets revealed

It's their sixth year at Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry and harry finds out that he hasn't lost all of his family. Harry had a twin sister who was lost after Voldemort murdered their parents. As well as this Draco Malfoy the one who hates potters,Weasley and mudbloods (Aka hermione) falls in love with Harry's sister even though he doesn't know she's Harry's sister.


9. Wiz chat

Note: here are the chatroom names so you know who is who: Hillary: Gryffindor princess , hermione: bookworm queen , Ron: Weasley prince , harry: the chosen one , ginny: red head queen , Luna: Luna<3neville , Neville: neville<3luna , draco: slytherin prince ,Blaise:Blaise  zabini , pansy: pansy parkinson 

In the gryffindor common room all the gryffindors were downstairs playing music talking to each other; on the other hand Hillary was in the girls dormitory talking to her friends on wiz chat.

Gryffindor princess has signed in

bookworm queen has signed in

Red head queen has signed in

luna<3neville has signed in

Gryffindor princess: hey everyone

bookworm queen: hi Hillary gin and Luna 

Luna<3neville: hello

red head queen: hi

luna<3neville: so how are you and

Draco Hillary 

gryffindor princess: how do you know about me and draco

red head queen: I may have told Luna 

gryffindor princess: ginny you said you keep secrets

red head queen: but Luna doesn't say anything 

Luna<3neville: yeah she is right I don't like hurting my friends 

gryffindor princess: ok if you won't tell anyone


slytherin prince has signed in

slytherin prince has sent gryffindor princess to a private chat

gryffindor princess has accepted slytherin prince's invite


Slytherin prince: hi my beautiful princess

gryffindor princess: hi my handsome prince

slytherin prince: are you free tonight

gryffindor princess: yeah why

slytherin prince: meet me in the ROR at 8 

Gryffindor princess: ok see you there Draco <3 :)

slytherin prince: see you there Hillary ;) <3


slytherin prince has signed off

gryffindor princess is back in public chat


gyffindor princess: I'm back

chosen one: you act like you think you own the school

pansy parkinson: your saying that because your jealous 

Weasley prince: buzz off parkinson

Blaise zabini: leave her alone

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