Two secrets revealed

It's their sixth year at Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry and harry finds out that he hasn't lost all of his family. Harry had a twin sister who was lost after Voldemort murdered their parents. As well as this Draco Malfoy the one who hates potters,Weasley and mudbloods (Aka hermione) falls in love with Harry's sister even though he doesn't know she's Harry's sister.


10. Wiz chat (continued)

Weasley prince: buzz off parkinson

Blaise zabini: leave her alone


bookworm queen: we were here first

Blaise zabini: shut up mudblood and go read some books

Weasley prince: keep hermione out of this zabini

pansy parkinson: aww is Weasley sticking up for his girlfriend 



Weasley prince has signed out


bookworm queen: yeah I'm not his girlfriend :(

pansy parkinson: did he make you sad granger

bookworm queen: GO AWAY

Blaise zabini: make us


bookworm queen has signed out


red head queen: can't you just leave us alone!!

pansy parkinson: no



Slytherin prince has signed in


slytherin prince: pansy Blaise I've been looking all over for you come on


Slytherin prince has signed out

pansy parkinson has signed out

Blaise zabini has signed out


gryffindor princess: okay what was that all about

the chosen one: just the slytherins acting all bad

gryffindor princess: why

red head queen: because they think they own the school

gryffindor princess: ok


Neville<3luna has signed in


neville<3luna: what is wrong with Ron 

the chosen one: pansy said that hermione was his girlfriend when she isn't 


Luna<3neville has signed in


Neville<3luna: hi babe

luna<3neville hi sweetheart does anyone know why hermione is crying

(all say): no 

Luna<3neville: ok Neville meet me at the great hall

neville<3luna: ok see you there bye everyone 

Luna<3neville: bye everyone


neville<3luna has signed out

luna<3neville has signed out


gryffindor princess I'm going to go see hermione are you coming gin 

red head queen: yeah see you harry

gryffindor princess: bye bro

the chosen one: bye sis bye gin


red head queen has signed out

Gryffindor princess has signed out

the chosen one has signed out





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