Two secrets revealed

It's their sixth year at Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry and harry finds out that he hasn't lost all of his family. Harry had a twin sister who was lost after Voldemort murdered their parents. As well as this Draco Malfoy the one who hates potters,Weasley and mudbloods (Aka hermione) falls in love with Harry's sister even though he doesn't know she's Harry's sister.


1. The letter

After professor Dumbledore finished his speech the feast began. Students were talking about what they did in the holidays, teachers were talking about what they had planned for their class, but all that went silent when an owl came towards professor Dumbledore with a letter in its beak. Harry observed the owl and he thought is that my owl no it can't be because I didn't write a letter to Dumbledore not to anyone actually. 

Everyone was now looking at professor Dumbledore he opened the letter and it said....

dear professor Dumbledore,

        I know it's been three years now since I was last at Hogwarts so I have decided to return to finish school and to finally tell my brother that I'm his lost sister since it's been a secret ever since we were little and that our godfather Sirius hasn't told him yet too and I was hoping you and professor Mcgonagall would help me tell and explain to harry about me 

  Yours sincerely ,

                    Hillary lily potter


Professor Dumbledore showed this to professor Mcgonagall and when she read it she looked at Dumbledore and asked " do you think she really wants to tell harry about her being his twin sister I mean don't you think harry will be shocked and not believe her" 

"I don't know Minerva I don't know" replied Dumbledore 

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