Two secrets revealed

It's their sixth year at Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry and harry finds out that he hasn't lost all of his family. Harry had a twin sister who was lost after Voldemort murdered their parents. As well as this Draco Malfoy the one who hates potters,Weasley and mudbloods (Aka hermione) falls in love with Harry's sister even though he doesn't know she's Harry's sister.


4. Hillary's first class

Hillary woke up at 6:30 with a smile as today was the first day she started her first class in three years. She got dressed and ran down stairs to find that only hermione was in the common room. "Morning Hillary here's your timetable your in the same classes as me ron and your brother." 

"cool What's our first cla-" she stopped as she looked at what their first class was, it was potion class with professor snape. Hermione Ron harry ginny and Hillary hated snape but he hated them just the same. half an hour later,harry Ron and ginny came down stairs and they all went down into the great hall for breakfast.After breakfast they went to their first class.Ginny was lucky because since she was a year younger than the others she had different classes but at least she has Luna . When 10 minutes of listening to professor snape the class got on with their work. Hillary started her work when a note flew over to her. She read it and it said

meet me in the Room Of Requirement at 7:00pm

From draco xx 

Hillary looked over at draco and he gave her cheeky smile. She looked away. "Why has draco sent you this note" asked harry.

" I don't know ask him" replied his sister Hillary.

Harry got up and went to draco.

"why did you send this to my sister?" Harry showed the note to draco.

"Isn't it obvious that I like her" draco innocently replied. 

at the end of the lesson professor snape paired people up for an essay. " Mr potter and miss parkinson miss granger and mr zabini mr Weasley and miss brown miss potter and mr Malfoy mr longbottom and miss bones."

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