Two secrets revealed

It's their sixth year at Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry and harry finds out that he hasn't lost all of his family. Harry had a twin sister who was lost after Voldemort murdered their parents. As well as this Draco Malfoy the one who hates potters,Weasley and mudbloods (Aka hermione) falls in love with Harry's sister even though he doesn't know she's Harry's sister.


2. A family reunion

Before telling the four houses to go to their dormitory, he wrote a note to Hillary to meet him in his office.he sent everyone to their dormitories and then he told harry to go to his office.

When every one was in Dumbledores office harry asked him " who is she" 

"I'm your..... Ummm"

Dumbledore could see that Hillary was struggling to speak to harry about who she was so he told harry instead. 

"this is your long lost twin sister" Dumbledore knew the reaction harry was going to make so he told Hillary to think of what happened the night lily and james potter ,their parents, died and put it into Dumbledores pensieve to give prove to harry. Harry's reaction then was different as he saw his father talking to a girl baby then he ran out of the room leaving the baby crying. Harry took his head out of the pensieve and turn to look at Hillary she showed him a scar on the left side of her face it was like Harry's scar but on the opposite side. 

"Oh my god it's true you are my sister but why haven't I seen you before??" Questioned harry.

"because I was scared to show you who I was" Hillary replied guiltily.

"That's ok as long as we stay safe and don't lose each other we are going to be fine and just to let you know don't leave me because I don't want to lose my only sister." Harry hugged Hillary happily.

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