Diary of a Drummer

This is all about one boy's silly obsession, and his little pink journal. How the journal and Calum are his best friends.

When Ashton falls for Luke, who has a girlfriend, he's willing to do anything (literally) to get Luke to like him back.

{also available on Wattpad @lashtonlarry01}


6. Entry 6

Ashton was sitting in Calum's lap while we watched TV. The other boys were in here as well, so him and Calum kept flirting.

Calum squeezed Ashton's side causing him to giggle. "Stop it." Ashton laughed. Calum didn't stop, so Ashton leaned forward and placed his lips on Calum's. Calum tensed at the small action, but soon melted into it.

Michael and Luke exchanged wide eyed glances and stared at the two as Ashton crawled atop Calum's body, pressing him into the couch.

Luke cleared his throat, failing to catch the boys attention.

"Guys." Michael said. The Ashton and Calum ignored their voices.

"Guys!" Luke said loudly. the abruptly tore apart. Luke sighed angrily. "Addy is coming over soon."

Calum and Ashton exchanged glances before going back to kissing.

Ashton nervously pulled away, standing up and pulling Calum with him. Luke's eyes widened and he tugged at Michael's sleeve like a five year old in a candy store.

"What?" Michael asked.

"They were just making out and now they're going up to the room." Luke said, Michael's eyes widened.

"I have an idea, okay." Ashton whispered. Calum nodded excitedly.

Ashton pulled Calum up the stairs, occasionally stumbling over a step.

"Do you really think they're going to... do it?" Michael asked Luke. Luke shrugged.

"I don't know, anymore." Luke sighed.


Ashton's POV

Calum and I were upstairs moaning a screaming each other's names, banging against the walls and jumping on the bed, causing it to creak loudly.

"Calum!" I screamed loudly.

"I'm gonna cum!" Calum yelled. Seconds later, we both moan out each other's names.

"I had fun doing this." I whispered to Calum. He nodded and laughed quietly.

Luke's POV

Michael and I stared at each other with jaws dropped, wide eyes, and shocked faces.

"They did it." Michael whispered, still shocked.

"Hard." I replied, my eyes widening even more. We just stared at each other in shock.

"Should we go check on them? Make sure they didn't break anything." Michael asked.

"Umm, maybe we should give them a little more time." I replied.

Ashton's POV

Calum and I sat on my bed, writing in my Journal.

Dear Journal,

Hey, it's me and Calpal. We pretended we had sex, just to get on Luke and Michael's nerves. It was so fun. We just jumped around on the bed screaming profanities, moaning loudly and banging the walls with our fists. Didn't you have fun Calum???

No. I didn't, Ashton. Haha just kidding, it was AMAZING ;)

Calum, stop being so cheeky.


Yeah, Calum?

Why are we talking to each other through writing while we're in the same room?

Really, Calum. You're asking me this?? Anyway, Journal, we can't wait to see how Michael and Luke reacted.

Calum and I are fake dating, although it doesn't even seem fake, but were just that good at faking. Hehe.

I'm so ready to date Michael!! By the way, this is Calum, hehe.

Talk to you later, Journal. We have to go see their reactions and then we'll tell you more later. Bye!!!

-AshtonXX, Calpal;)

We closed the journal and relaxed in my bed, soon drifting to sleep.


A/N: I'm so sorry if this chapter weirded you out too much. Hehe I saw something like this in a movie like 5 years ago and thought it was hilarious. Haha XD

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