Diary of a Drummer

This is all about one boy's silly obsession, and his little pink journal. How the journal and Calum are his best friends.

When Ashton falls for Luke, who has a girlfriend, he's willing to do anything (literally) to get Luke to like him back.

{also available on Wattpad @lashtonlarry01}


4. entry 4

Recap: He looks a few years younger when he's asleep. He looks fourteen again. I pressed a small kiss to his lips and his eyes opened. I tensed and began to panic.


Without a word, Luke shifted, looking at me strangely. "Did you just-?" He asked. I bit my lip nervously.

"Ashton. I'm straight. I have a girl friend named Addy." My heart sunk. "I don't want to get you sick, either." He mumbled to himself.

Luke didn't realise that I was already sick because of him. I am love sick.

"I already am. I'm love sick." I said, biting my lip.

I flipped Luke over so I was on top. I laid my head against his chest and tangled our feet as he pressed play to 'Mean Girls'. We've watched it thousands of times in the past five days, but I don't care. As long as Luke is happy, I'm happy.


Dear Journal,


He's straight and has a girlfriend so since he's asleep I'm writing this and sobbing silently.

Okay, I need to calm down. But anyway, I've just recently cut myself again and I don't know why. It just feels nice to have a blade to my skin. The feeling of my skin splitting open makes me realize how easily we are hurt. It relaxes me, ya know, Journal?

Yesterday Calum had told me that he has a thing for Michael and wants to try to get him jealous, just so Michael will go out with him. And I want to make Luke jealous.

So I might get on with a little bit of CASHTON!!!

Hehe, maybe we can help each other out.

I hope this all goes as planned, Journal.



A/N: who's ready for some Cashton??? *raises hand*

Who's ready for kissing and drama??? *raises both hands and screams incoherent words*

Lol love you guys lots!!


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