Diary of a Drummer

This is all about one boy's silly obsession, and his little pink journal. How the journal and Calum are his best friends.

When Ashton falls for Luke, who has a girlfriend, he's willing to do anything (literally) to get Luke to like him back.

{also available on Wattpad @lashtonlarry01}


18. doctoring Luke

Luke's POV

When I woke up, I was in a bathtub, on top of Ashton. His curly hair was pushed into his face and his eyelashes were barely touching his cheekbones. I smiled. Ashton is just so beautiful that it amazes me. I can't believe I was actually going to propose to Addy.

I tilted my head up and planted a small kiss on Ashton's lips. He groaned and opened his eyes slowly. He smiled when he saw it was just me.

"Hey." He whispered groggily.

"Hey." I whispered back.

We stared for a bit.

"I'm ready to get up." Ashton groaned. I laughed and got off of him. The moment my I was upright, everything began to slope and spin.

"Woah." I muttered, placing my hands on the wall.

"You okay?" Ashton asked.

"Yeah, just really dizzy." I whispered, closing my eyes.

"Oh, well here." Ashton said. He took my hand and carefully helped me to the bed.

"Thanks." I muttered. The room spun and closing my eyes just made it worse when I opened them again.

Ashton was just about to walk away, but I reached out and grabbed his wrist, stopping him.

"Please stay." I whispered.

Ashton turned to me and gave me an apologetic smile. He nodded and sat on the bed next to me. He placed a hand on my forehead and brought it down to my cheek. He gave yet another small, apologetic smile.

"I hope you feel better." He whispered. I smiled and nodded. I trained my eyes on his face, trying to concentrate on it and nothing else.

"I don't feel good." I murmured.

"I know, baby." Ashton whispered back. He leaned down and placed a kiss on my forehead. "Go to sleep."

"I can't... I'm not tired." I whispered. Ashton nodded, understanding since we had just woken up. "Will you sing to me?" My voice was just above a whisper.

"Sure." Ashton smiled.

"He takes your hand, I die a little,

I watch your eyes and I'm in riddles,

Why can't you look at me like that?

When you walk by I try to say it,

But then I freeze and never do it,

My tongue get tied, the words get trapped.

I hear the beat of my hear getting louder whenever I'm near you.

But I see you with him slow dancing,

Tearing me apart, 'cause you don't see.

Whenever you kiss him, I'm breaking,

Oh how I wish that was me.

He looks say you the way that I would,

Does all the things I know that I could,

If only time could just turn back.

'Cause I've got three little words that I've always been dying to tell you.

But I see you with him slow dancing,

Tearing me apart, 'cause you don't see.

Whenever you kiss him, I'm breaking,

Oh how I wish that was me.

Oh how I wish,

Oh how I wish that was me.

Oh how I wish that was me." Ashton finished softly.

I smiled up at him. "Sorry, I know that was bad." Ashton looked down at his lap.

"Ashton, that was the most beautiful thing I've ever heard." I said, sitting up and grabbing his waist and pulling him down next to me. I pulled him into my chest and cuddled him. I heard him sigh loudly.

"I love you, Luke." Ashton whispered into my chest.

"I love you too, Ashton." I whispered.

"Can we watch a movie?" Ashton asked.

"Sure, I'm starting to feel better." I replied.

Ashton got up and put on The Notebook.

"Ew, gross Ash, something else, please!" I pouted. Ashton sighed, taking the movie out and putting Clueless on instead. I cheered giddily.

Ashton got back into the bed and snuggled into my side. "Love ya." He whispered.

"Love you, too." I whispered back.

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