From the worst to the best

Cassidy Smith is a 17 year old orphan. She has been an orphan since she was 10. Now she models for Simon Cowell but when she's asked to sigh a contract and also needs a parents signature, but she is unable too. So Simon decides to adopt her. What happens when she meets One Direction one of her favorite bands and she falls for one of them.


2. chapter 2

Chapter 2: Ist day in the job

I wake up to someone knocking on my door. I roll out of my bed and rub the sleep off my eyes and open the door.

"HI" Louis yells. I stare at him, Louis Tomlinson is at my bedroom door.

"H-Hi" I sturrer.

"I'm Louis" He chrips.

"Yea I know but Simon said you would be here next week" I say.

"Well we decided to come now" He smiles.

"Come downstairs the boys are eating breakfast" He says.

"I'll be down in a minute just let me shower and change" I say, he nods and walks away. I close the door and walk into my bathroom. I turn on the shower and undress. I jump in the shower and wash my body. When I finish I jump out and dry my body and change into this: I walk downstairs to the kitchen to see all 5 members of my favorite band, One Direction.

"Hey,Cass"Louis says coming up to me and hugging me, I awkwardly hug back. I mean I am happy they're here but it's just weird somehow.

"Hey" I say.

"Hi, I'm Liam" Liam says shaking me hand.

"Hey. I'm Cassidy" I say.

"I'm Niall" Niall comes and hugs me.

"Hi, I know who you guys are" I say.

"Ok then you hungry?" Niall asks

"Yea" I say sitting next to Louis.

"So where's Simon?" I ask.

"He was called into a meeting" Zayn says, I turn to him and nod. 'They're all much hotter in person' I think to myself.

"So Simon said that you model" Liam says.

"Um.. Yea" I say

"That's actually why he adopted me" I say.

"Oh, so how long have you been an orphan?" Niall asks.

"Niall don't ask that" Liam says slapping him upside the head.

"It's fine" I giggle.

"I've been a orphan since I was 10" I say.

"Oh I'm sorry what happened to your parents?" Niall asks..

"I don't like to tell people what happened" I say.

"Why?" He asks

"Niall she already said she wasn't gonna say" Harry speaks up.

"Well people tend to judge me and think I'm gonna turn out like my dad" I say.

"Pleaseee can you please tell me" Niall begs, I sigh and nod.

"Ok fine, When I was 10 years old my dad lost his job and he has had that job for years but then he was one of many people who got laid off and since he always depended on his job he started drinking and when he wasn't drinking he was looking for a job and then my mom started to look for a job even though my dad said that she needed to stay home and be you know a house wife, but she would look for a job and my dad thought she was cheating on him something she would never think of doing, he was drunk and started hurting my mom then he got really mad and took out a gun, and I'm sitting on the couch crying watching my mom get hit and telling my dad to stop but he doesn't and he shots her, his face after wards was pure regret and sadness, he looks at me and months the words 'I love you' before shotting himself in the head, I run over to him and my mom and cry then I call the cops, I spent a couple of hours in a police station until they sent me to the orphanage" I say tears running down my face. When I look up all the boys have the fame facial expression, Sandness, Pity, and and a hint a terror. I get up and run up to my room. I knew I shouldn't of told them, I just knew they would react like this, now they're not gonna talk to they're gonna avoid me. God why is my past so fucked up. I scream into my pillow then throw it without looking andit ends up breaking a lamp. Fucking great just great. I sigh and pick up the broken pieces and throw them away. I look at the car keys sitting on the desk debating on weather I should leave, and think' Fuck it' nad grab the keys and walk out. I walk down the stairs and pass the kitchen where the boys still stood in the same place when I left. They see me and run after me, but I ignore the and walk into the garage and get in the car opening the garage door and driving away. I didn't know where to go but that didn't matter I just needed to get away so I go to the first place I think of. The orphanage. I park the car and walk up the too familar steps. I knck on the door and Sister Rose opens the door.

"Cassidy sweety what's wrong" She asks looking at me. I probably look like shit.

"I told the One Direction guys what happened with my parents and they looked at me like everyone does when I tell them" I cry.

"Oh sweety come in" She says letting me in. We walk into the living room and I sit down while she goes and make us some tea. When she walks back in she hands me a cup of tea.

"Why did you tell them, you usually dont?" She asks.

"Niall begged and I couldn't say no" I say.

"And the worst part is I'm gonna have to face them, they're staying there for I don't know how long" I cry even more.

"Oh hunney maybe they wont be like the rest maybe they'll accept you for you not how your parents died" She says

"But they looked at me like everyone else, they're gonna treat me the same" I say crying.

"No they wont hunney I promise and if they do just ignore them just like you did with everyone else" She says wipping away my tears. I nod and get up.

"I'm gonna go see Macy and then I'm gonna get out of your hair" I say.

"Oh hunney Mayc was adopted this morning" She says.

"OH really thats great" I say.

"Well then I should get going" I say, she nods and walks me to the door. I get in my car, I sit there for a while until I turn on the engine and drive back to the house. When I get there I park the car in the garage, I turn the engine off and sit there and debat on weather I shoud go inside or just stay here. But decide to go in and face them, or maybe just run up to my room and lock myself there until they leave or when Simon needs me. I walk in the house and it's totally quiet. Good maybe they went somewhere or they're asleep. I walk up the stairs and run into one of the boys but dont get to see who because they attack me in a hug.

"OMG Cassidy where the hell have you been" A voice says pretty sure it was Liam. I push him off and stare at him.

"I went to visit my orphanage" I say a little below a whisper.

"Why did you run out without saying anything we were worried" He says pulling me into another hug.

"Ok no need to suficate me to death" I giggle.

"Sorry" He says and lets go of me.

"Please don't ever scare us like that again" He says.

"I was just gone a couple of minutes an hour the most" I say.

"Yea but we didn't know where you went or when you were coming back" He says.

"Ok DAD I'll make sure to check in next time" I joke.

"Haha very funny" He says.

"Where is everyone else?" I ask

"They're in their room's" He says I nod.

"I'm gonna go to my room and take a nap" I say. He nods and I make my way up to my room. I change into some sweats and a over sized shirt and lay in my bed and fall asleep.

*2 Hours Later*

"When did she get here?" Someone asks

"2hours ago" Pretty sure Liam answers.

"Where did she go?" Someone else asks.

"She went to her orphanage" Liam answers.

"Is she mad at us?" An irish accent asks.

"I dontt think so, I think she thinks we're gonna treat her differnetly since she told us about her parent" Liam says.

"I think we should wake her up" Someone says, thats when I rolled over and pulled the cover over my head, but they were ripped off of me.

"Come on Cassidy you need to wake up" Harry says. I shake my head 'no' and pull a pillow over my face, but that gets pulled off to.

"Cassidy Marie Smith get your lazy arse up" Liam says.

"How the heck do you know my middle name?" I ask looking at him.

"I saw your birth certificate in Simon's office, now can you please get up and eat" Liam says. I groan and sit up.

"Fine get out so I can change" I say they all nod and walk out closing the door behind them. I get off my bed and walk to my closet, I don't feel like really getting ready so I just put this on: I sit on my bed for a while and just think.

'They hate me'

'They're probably scared of me'

'What the fuck am I gonna do now?'

'I should of never told them, now I ruined 5 possible friendships'

I groan and walk down stairs and to the kithcen. To be honest I'm not that hungry, even though I haven't ate since last night.

"Cass are you hungry?" Liam asks I shake my head 'no'.

"You need to eat, since you didnt eat this morning" Harry said.

"I'm just not hungry" I say.

"Please for us, just eat a little" Louis says sticking out his bottom lip. I roll my eyes.

"Just give me the freaking plate" I says.

"Thank you" Liam says handing me a plate with 2 pancakes on it. I dump a lot of syrup on it, because I'm in love with syrup some people think it's werid but I think other wise.

"You sure love syrup" Niall laughs. I smile.

"Cant go without it" I say.

"Really do you have one in your room?" He chuckles.

"I did when I was in the orphanage, but I haven't got the cchance to put a bottle in my room" I laugh.

"That's nut's" Everyone laughs. I nod and finish the food.I put the plate in the sink and walk out to the living room where Zayn and Harry sat watching TV.

"What time is it?" I ask sitting on the empty couch.

"11:27 why?" Zayn answers.

"When is Simon getting back?" I ask.

"I dunno, why?" Harry says.

"Just asking" I answer.

"What do you guys want to do?" I ask.

"I dunno wee should go to the fair" Zayn says.

"Great idea" I say.

"BOYS DO YOU WANT TO GO TO THE FAIR?" Harry ask/yells.

"SURE" We hear3 voices yell.

"Ok then get ready" I yell. All 5 boys run upstairs. I laugh and wait for 10 minutes until they're all by the door ready. We all pile in the car and Liam drives to the fair. When we arrive we all jump out and run to the ticket booth. We all pay for our tickets and walk in.

"We should split up" Harry says winking at me.

"I'm with Liam" I say walking over to him.

"Fine, then I'm with Louis" Harry says.

"How nice, your second choice" Louis sasses.

"I guess I'm with Zayn" Niall says.

"What I wasn't your first choice?" Zayn sasses.

"Whaaaat you were my first choice" Niall smiles.

"Ok then it's settled, now go on I say walking away with Liam.

"Where too?" I ask.

"I dunno, you pick" He smiles. I look around and find a huge ride I thought would be fun.

"That one" I say pointing to it.

"Ok lets go" He says pulling me towards the line. Once we were almost there my phone rings, and I see that it's Simon.


"Cassidy, where are you" He asks.

"I'm at the fair with the boys, why?" I ask.

"Because I got you a photoshoot with Justin Bieber in an hour" He says throught he phone.

"Omg really, ok I'll be there in 10 minutes" I say and hang up.

"I need to go" I tell Liam.

"Awe why we just got here" Liam says.

"Simon got me a photoshoot with Justin Bieber" I sqeual

"Ok then lets go" He says and pulls me out of the line and towards the front.

"I'll text the boys and tell us to meet us at the car" He says.

"No you guys stay, I'll just take a taxi" I say.

"I'll just text the guys that I'll pick them up later and take you" He says.

"Are you sure?" I ask.

"Yes, now lets go" He says and we walk to the car. We drive to the house to see Simon waiting for me by a limo.

"Hey" I say

"Oh thank god lets go,Liam are you coming?" He asks.

"Sure if it's ok with Cass" He says turning to me.

"Sure now lets go" I say and pull him on the limo.

We drive for who knows how long until we get to some building. When we get there we are greeted by a slutty looking girl with a really bad tan:

"Hi" I fake smile.

"Hi I'm America, Justin's girlfriend, he told me to take you to him" He says coldly. I turn to Liam while we walk to see he has the same facial expression. Disgusted. We walk in a room where there were people walking around.

"Ahh there you are, come here so we can get you ready" Some girl says pulling me into a dressing room. She throws clothes at me telling me to put them on and then they do my make-up. I'm look like this:

"What exactly is this photoshoot for?" I ask, walking out.

"It's for his newest frangrance" She says. I walk out, Simon and Liam turn towards me and there mouth hangs open.

"Cassidy y-you look beautiful" Liam says. I look down and blush.

"Thanks" I say.

"Ok follow me" The same girl says, I nod and follow her to where the camera is set up and 3 other girls were at. She tells me I'll be the main girl so I'll be right next to Justin, well on his lap, which really made me uncomfortable. I look at Liam and I could tell he didnt enjoy my seating arrangement either.

After the shoot I changed back into my clothes and walked towards Simon and Liam.

"Hey you're Cassidy right?" Justin stops me.

"Yea, nice to meet you" I say extending my hand but instead he hugs me.

"How long have you been working for Simon?" He asks.

"Well, I didn't really get sign till a couple days ago, but it's been about a month or two" I say.

"Oh really, why did you just get signed and not sooner" He asks.

"I don't really know but I needed a parents permission and since I was an oprhan I could get it but then Simon adopted me" I say.

"Oh I'm sorry" He says.

"Dont sweat it" I say.

"JUSTIN" America calls for him.

"I think your needed somewhere else" I laugh.

"I guess, I'll see you aound" He chuckles and walks towards the walking crayon. I walk towards Liam and Simon.

"You did great sweatheart" Simon says.

"Thank you" I says shyly.

"Come on lets get going" He says walking towards the car, me and Liam follow.

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