He's a Bad Boy

Getting good grades and shit in high school isn't up Justin's alley. He wants adventure, drugs, sex, and alcohol. That's all that matters to him.. until this one girl. The worst type of girl he could ever fall for... a good girl, changes his life... forever.


7. My good girl

- Justin's POV -


When she straddled herself on top of me I got the biggest boner of all time. Good thing i'm wearing jeans. It won't show. As bad. I can't believe she's kissing me and letting our tongues fight in her mouth, but she won't let me fuck her.


"Justin, you're such a big turn on" She moaned.


She's horny. 


"Let's go up to my room" I said.


She jumped right off of me. I grabbed her hand and walked her upstairs to my room. I opened the door. 


"So.. what should we do?" She said.


I raised my eyebrows and laid on the bed.


"We're not going to have sex tonight." she said.


"Ok, but can we pleasure each other in some way?" I said with my hand on my crotch.


She smiled. "Okay, but I have no idea what I'm doing. Remember?"


"Yeah I know. You can go first" I got off of the bed and laid her on it.

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