He's a Bad Boy

Getting good grades and shit in high school isn't up Justin's alley. He wants adventure, drugs, sex, and alcohol. That's all that matters to him.. until this one girl. The worst type of girl he could ever fall for... a good girl, changes his life... forever.


6. I won't change

- Piper's POV - 


"Because I'm so irresistible" I said with a smile


He laughed. We pulled into the driveway of his house. He got out and opened my door and led me inside. He put our bags in a chair that was next to the couch.


"Come sit" he said as he sat down.


I sat right next to him. He immediately pulled me in close and kissed my neck. My fingers ran through his hair as he kissed my neck and nibbled on my ears. He laid me down on the couch. His body hovering over me. He kissed my neck then my lips. His hands explored my body as we kissed.


"What the hell?" I hear a woman's voice.


"Shit" I hear Justin moan.


"What?" I whisper.


I look up to see a middle aged woman standing there. I think it's Justin's mom.


"Mom, this is Piper, a friend I made today" He said pointing at me


"A friend with benefits? You have your hands all over your "friend". My names Pattie." she said.


I smiled as I sat up. Justin put his arm around my waist. As his mom walked in the kitchen Justin tugged at my shorts.


"No Justin" I said.


"Aww baby, why not?" he looked at me with puppy dog eyes.


"I'm a virgin and I plan on being one until I get married" I said looking him in the eyes.


"Ahhh alright, but that will change with me" he said with a smile.


"What do you mean?" I said.


"I'll be your first everything. First kiss. First makeout. First oral. First fuck." 


I didn't say anything. He was probably right. Today was the first time I had been kissed. The first time I made out. 


"You're going to be a good girl for everyone else, but you'll be the naughtiest girl just for me" He said licking his lips.


"God, Justin." I said with a smile.




I didn't say anything. I straddled myself on top of him. He sat up straight on the couch and I sat on his lap facing him. I grabbed his face and kissed his soft pink lips. 


"Told you" he said in between kisses.


I continued to kiss him. His big hands grabbed at my butt. I can definitely tell he likes ass more. 

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