Good Girls

Hanna, a 17 girl, is the new senior at a different high school. Everyone thinks she's a good girl, but what is underneath her innocent face?


7. 5

I woke up the next morning wrapped in strong arms.  Looking around, I realized that I wasn't in my room and I was naked.  I could see clothes all around the room.  The alarm clock next to the bed I was in said 7:30. I woke up the boy next to me. "Hey wake up!" I said, shaking him.  "Ahhh, what?", he asked. "Can I borrow some clothes and can you give me a ride to school?" "I guess", he said getting up to get sweatpants and a T-shirt out of his closet.  "Thanks!" I got dressed in front of him, he already saw me naked anyway, so who cares?  "Ok, I'm ready!", I told him, putting my hair up in a ponytail. 

***************skip car ride**************************

"Hey can you pick me up here at three to drive me home?" "Sure", Michael said, getting out of the car. "What are you doing?" "Didn't you know I go to school here too?" "No! Why didn't you tell me?" "Hey so are we dating now or what?" Michael asked. "Sorry I thought this was just a one-night stand type thing..." I responded.  "Well what about friends with benefits?"  "That sounds really fun, so alright!" "Come on, I'll walk you to class." Michael whispered in my hear, holding out his hand. 

*********************************skip school, BORING*********************

I got out of school to see Michael parked out side the door in his car.  "Hey friend with benefits!" he yelled out the window.  I looked behind the car to see Luke giving me a dirty look.  I rolled my eyes, getting into the car.  "Ok where do you live?" I gave him the directions to my house.  When we got back to my house, I kissed Michael goodbye and climbed back into my bedroom window.  My phone buzzed, ugh I text from  Luke.  H- Hanna, L-Luke. 

L- what are you doing with Michael?

H- whats it to you?

L- hes bad news

H- Im not a baby, I can take care of myself

I slammed my phone onto my dresser and left my room.

"Hey honey, where have you been?" my dad asked. I had to lie... "In my room..."  "For a whole day?...."  "Yeah I've been really tired, that's all"  "Ok then..."

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