Good Girls

Hanna, a 17 girl, is the new senior at a different high school. Everyone thinks she's a good girl, but what is underneath her innocent face?


2. 2

Luke's POV

I saw her as she drove up to the school. she was the new student everyone was talking about. She was beautiful, the moment I saw her get out of her car I knew I would have to get her to be mine.  I would talk her later today.  Sighing, I walked to my first class, history,  and took my seat.  I then noticed that she walked in behind me. I immediately got excited, we have at least one class together.  She was talking to the teacher, who suddenly clapped his hands.  "Class, we have a new student, this is Ms. Hanna Samuels. Please make her feel welcome." She waved awkwardly.  "Well, Hanna you can have a seat next to Mr. Hemmings." I immediately raised my hand.  She sits next to me! "Hi I'm Luke, Luke Hemmings." I said with a smile.  "Um I'm Hanna," she replied shyly.  The situation got awkward, so I stopped talking and  payed attention to class for once.  I got a tingly feeling when she tapped my arm.  I looked at her beautiful face.  "What are we working on?" She asked. "Oh! it's the Civil War." I watched her face go white when I told her the topic. "I'm not good at wars", she said.  "Well, would you like to come over to my house after school so I can help you?" "Ok sure, I really need the help." she answered. I winked and said "Its a date" and made her giggle.  

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