Good Girls

Hanna, a 17 girl, is the new senior at a different high school. Everyone thinks she's a good girl, but what is underneath her innocent face?


20. 15

I woke up in the middle of the night with a sharp pain in my stomach.  Getting out of Luke's arms, I ran to our connected bathroom and threw up in the toilet.  Getting up, I was very thankful that we have a bathroom connected to our bathroom as the boys were over and I was completely naked.  I went to our bedroom, Luke was laying on our bed and asked worriedly, "I heard you, are you okay, are you sick?"  "I don't know." I replied. Then it hit me.  "Luke? When was my birthday party?" "About 2 weeks ago... why?" "Did we have sex that night?" "Yeah but you were super drunk." "Fuck!" I yell-whispered. "What!?" Luke yell-whispered back.  "Luke... my period is a week late, and I'm never late." Luke's eyes widened. "I think we need to go to a store really quick."  I said going out the door.  Luke ran after me with some sweatpants and a shirt.  I looked up at him confused.  "Your naked", he told me smiling.  I playfully smacked his arm and put the clothes on.  We both went out to the car and drove to the nearest drug store.  I walked to the feminine product aisle and grabbed some pregnancy tests.  Luke took them from me and paid for them.  I went to the bathroom again and used all of the tests.  Luke came in and we both waited for the tests to finish getting the results.  Luke held on to me tightly.  "No matter what happens, nothing will change." he said, kissing the top of my head.  After a few minutes were up, Luke and I looked at the results.  All of the tests were positive. I felt my eyes well up with tears.  I buried my head into Luke's chest and cried my eyes out.  He rubbed my back and smoothed my hair. "Everything will be ok, I promise." "Luke, we can't have a baby!" "Why not? I'm refuse to let you get an abortion." "What I'm going to do when you're at tour?"  "I'll talk to management and see what we can do, ok?" I shook my head and Ashton burst through the bathroom door. "What's with all the crying?" he questioned. Then he noticed all of the positive pregnancy tests. "Is she-?" He began, but Luke cut him off with a nod of his head.  Ashton quietly walked back out of the door and shut it behind him.  Luke began to stroke my hair, knowing that's what makes me feel better. "Are you sure that we're going to be ok?" I asked him. He put his finger underneath my chin and made me look up at me, "Yes I'm positive" he told me with a huge smile on his face.  "I promise I will always be there for both of you." I stood on my tip toes to peck his lips as he put his hands on my stomach. 

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