The Elementals

In a time when magical creatures were lost to the world, where humans have torn up and destroyed the Earth, one young girl will find that in order to be free, you just have to believe.

A story of a lost civilization, a young girl, and a few magical creatures... okay, so more than a few.


8. Chapter 7

Zeandrria o'r elementals Master of Water and Oceans




(Zeandrria's POV)


"Zeandrria!" The tigershark, Naria, snapped me out of my thoughts.


"What is it, Naria?" I asked, feeling her anxiety as she swam circles around me.


"Two humans have been spotted swimming this way!" She said, and led the way to the window.


"Naria, humans couldn't survive the pressure down here. They'd die."


I looked out the window to see two dark shapes swimming this way.


"It might be an Elemental. Bring them in to see me. Naria was still anxious, but my words calmed her and she swam out to meet the two figures in the distance.




(Anwen's POV)


Shark! My mind screamed, but Tazen was calm, and he kept me from swimming away.


Tazen nodded to the shark, as if they just had some sort of silent conversation.


Up ahead I could see what we had come for. It was a large underwater castle. I looked up as we passed under a large rock structure forming an arc. 


It was amazing. The mere sight of the stone left me in awe. How could something so big go so far unnoticed? 


I thought of Dezra, wondering what she was doing while we were swimming for who knows how long under water. Did she have to keep awake the whole time to continue the spell that kept us breathing?


The shark led us through hallways and rooms, passing different types of fish and even more sharks, none of which attacked.


When we finally stopped it was outside of a grand door, images engraved in the stone. The shark gave Tazen some mental communication that probably was 'stay here' and disappeared inside.


The door opened in a dramatic gesture to letting us in. The woman who stood before us was beautiful, despite her obvious purple infliction.


She looked at me in a sort of anger, but she seemed to know Tazen. Her face altogether was hard to read. She didn’t seem to easily show emotion… at least, not in front of me.


“Why have you come?” She said, turning to gaze out at the watery view.


My mouth felt dry, which was weird when we were surrounded by water. I felt like my lips had been sealed in concrete – I couldn’t speak.


My voice seemed to fail me when I tried to call for help, fear invading my mind, the unknowingness of what was going on with me creating nausea.


“Let her free, Zeandrria.” Tazen said, not even looking back at me.


She let out a deep sigh, and her face showing disgust at even anticipating the sound of my voice made me unsure whether or not I should even tell her.


“Dezra sent us.” I said.


She rolled her eyes. “I know. Why else would you be with him?” She glided over to a tray with a pitcher and cups. She poured it and handed a cup to Tazen, who in turn handed it to me. She raised an eyebrow.


She poured another and gave it to Tazen, who then set his on a table with a large plant in the center, without even taking a sip. I set mine down too, in case it was poisoned or something.


“We are gathering the Elementals.” Tazen said.


“And other magical creatures.” I put in.


“And we plan to go home and close the portal. Forever.” He finished.


She raised an eyebrow. “Well. That would indeed be something.”


“You could go home, Zeandrria. You could see all your friends again.” He tried harder to get her on board.


“We also came to ask you something.” I said, slowly, trying to think how to put the question into suitable words. “In order to make the journey less of a lifetime, I was wondering if the Elementals could use their magic in a joint spell to transport all the magical creatures in this world to the portal leading to your home-world.” I explained.


She scoffed. “It’s possible, sure. Only if you can actually find all the Elementals.”


Tazen clenched his hand and looked away.


“What do you mean?” I asked.


“There are several of us. Plus the one who is pretty much half an elemental. All are hard to find because they live within their element. How did you ever think you were going to find Wind if the entire Earth has wind? How do you plan on finding Sybil or Cierra?” She had turned to Tazen.


“And Kana,” she blew out air in feigned exhaustion. “Have fun getting her on board.”


“We’ll start with you and Ailia.” Tazen said, his eyes burning red.


“What will Dezra say about Kiera?” She asked him, seeming to be sincerely saddened by this person.


“She won’t say anything. She just wants to go home.” He muttered, turned, and walked out the giant, engraved doors.


Before I realized it, I was alone with Zeandrria. I wondered if I should follow Tazen to wherever he went, or stay with the elf that didn’t seem to like me very much.


I bowed, my arms glued to my sides. “Thank you.” I said, and followed Tazen out.

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