The Elementals

In a time when magical creatures were lost to the world, where humans have torn up and destroyed the Earth, one young girl will find that in order to be free, you just have to believe.

A story of a lost civilization, a young girl, and a few magical creatures... okay, so more than a few.


5. Chapter 4

A Quest




Dezra looked at me quizzically. 


I had been staring at the two of them for almost five minutes in silence with my face probably looking shocked.


"You're an elf." I said. "And he's..."


"A fire-werewolf. A rare species."


"Werewolf?" I asked, confused. "Does he go crazy at the full moon or something?"


"No." A man said, kneeling on the ground. He had red tattoos where Tazen's fur had been red.


"You're Tazen. You were a wolf. Now you're a man." I almost fainted, but Tazen caught me. 


"Forgive me for frightening you earlier and again now. We understand this is a lot to take in." He said. 


I took a deep breath in and let it out. I looked up at them, then took another breath, before I fainted again. 




I woke up when it was dark. You could see the brightness of the city lights even though we were in a dense forest. 


Dezra had made a fire and was eating some kind of meat. 


Tazen had already finished his and was looking at her like a lost, hungry puppy for more.


"Good. You're awake." Dezra gave me a friendly smile. She sat me down on an old log and handed me a stick of cooked meat and mushrooms.


"Thank you."


I watched as Tazen tried to steal her last piece, but she smacked his muzzle. He gave her puppy dog eyes and she handed it over, looking annoyed. I smiled. 


"Why am I here?" I asked.


"What?" Dezra looked confused for a second, then her eyes darkened. 


"The humans have destroyed too much of the earth. We want to get back to the homeland, but we don't know how. We're trapped. I have discovered information with your mother, but when she found out she was pregnant with you she left to raise you. She promised to return, but we found out that she passed into the foreverlands. So we need your help."


"The homeland? How did you get here?" 


"Enrhydreg was originally the birthplace and like a capital city of the elves. It's a completely different world. But it's connected to Earth with portals. Earth was where the lower class and middle class elves lived. There were farms, groves, forests, and meadows. Beasts would roam freely and there wasn't any need to separate ourselves from the earth or sea." She seemed lost in her memories. As if they took her whole being back to when it was real.


"I'll do it." I said, smiling. 


She looked up, surprised. "You will?"


"Of course. You want to go home. And I'm going to help you. Just like my mother did. Besides, there's nothing for me here. I'll come with you."


I almost missed the sad look in her eyes as I bent down to eat. Almost.


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