Kidnapped by..... 1D??

Maegan,Madison,Miranda,Destiny,and Mackenzie were walking home from school when it was drizzling. Out of nowhere a black van pulls up, a guy with curly brown hair was driving and said "Hey do ya'll beautiful ladies need a ride home?" Miranda was about to say Yes when Maegan said "No thank you we can walk home" All of the sudden 4 other men get out of the car and grab them. Before they black out they all hear "we're sorry we had to do this but ya'll said no" What's going to happen next?? Read to find out.


2. The gaze and names

Miranda's point of view


I started opening my eyes to see i was in a room with girl things and my best friends,it looked really nice,then a thought popped up in my head 'Miranda don't be stupid you got kidnapped and those voices sounded familiar'. I looked over to Maegan,Madison,Mackenzie,and Destiny who were all starting to get up. "AHHH!!' i looked at Mackenzie and saw she had a frightened look on her face. "Mackenzie,stop screaming or they're gonna come in here and do who knows what to us" i half yell half whisper. We heard footsteps and little whispers. One whisper caught all of our ears,"Guys we shouldn't have kidnapped them"said a Irish accent,"Blame Harry,he wanted to" said a Doncaster accent. "Boys quiet down and lets go check on them" said a Wolverhampton accent i knew Destiny couldn't miss.

Destiny's point of view


"OMG we're in 1D's house!"i fangirled i must admit but who could blame me we're in freakin One Directions house! "Destiny you need to realize we got kidnapped by them,i know we all love them but come on they kidnapped us against our will now shut up they're coming"Said Maegan. I layed down quickly with the rest of the girls before the door opened. There before my eyes was 1D,i instinctively locked gazes with Liam. 

Liam's point of view


I locked gazes with a beautiful girl with Brown eyes and dyed Dirty Blonde hair right when we walked in. Harry locked gazes with a cute long Blonde haired girl with Hazel eyes,Niall locked eyes with a long haired Dirty Blonde girl with blue/green eyes and glasses, Louis locked gazes with a short blonde haired girl with blue eyes,and Zayn locked gazes with a Dark Brown haired girl with Brown eyes. Harry was the first to speak "what are ya'lls names?" he asked. The girl harry likes i guess spoke first "well,i'm Maegan,that's Miranda ( the girl with glasses),that's Madison (the girl with short blonde hair and blue eyes),that's Destiny (the girl i really like),and that's Mackenzie(the girl Zayn wont stop staring at) Louis spoke after a few silent moments "ok well ya'll are very pretty,we're..." he  was interrupted by Destiny"We know you're 1D! our number 1 fave band" The other girls stared at her with a glare that said 'you better shut up or we'll take your posters and hide them from you forever' she shut up after the glare. The lads and I started to chuckle. 

Mackenzie's point of view


I can't believe we were in 1D's house it has to be a dream but wait....didn't they kidnap us? I can tell the girls like them even though they kidnapped us.Madison stood up and spoke"We do love ya'll yes that is true but why the heck did ya'll kidnap us!?!?" We all looked at her then Miranda spoke "Sorry about her she can't control her anger that much,well,non of us can actually." I looked at Zayn then i said "i got to go to the... bathroom,where is it?" Zayn looked at me then said "i'll take her ya'll boys watch them and show them where they will be sleeping" Louis being the "sass master" said "Oh no you just didn't tell me what to do" In a mocking way throwing his hands up. We all laughed it made some of the tension go away. Maybe they're not that bad after all,maybe we just got to get to know them.

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