Kidnapped by..... 1D??

Maegan,Madison,Miranda,Destiny,and Mackenzie were walking home from school when it was drizzling. Out of nowhere a black van pulls up, a guy with curly brown hair was driving and said "Hey do ya'll beautiful ladies need a ride home?" Miranda was about to say Yes when Maegan said "No thank you we can walk home" All of the sudden 4 other men get out of the car and grab them. Before they black out they all hear "we're sorry we had to do this but ya'll said no" What's going to happen next?? Read to find out.


3. OMG this is a secret!

Zayn's point of view


Man that girl,what's her name again? Oh right Mackenzie,anyway,she's so cute I can tell the other lad's like the other girls. I was walking down the hallway with Mackenzie,when we stopped outside the bathroom i said "Look we're sorry we kidnapped ya'll but Harry said to and we all thought ya'll were pretty." Mackenzie looked at me then said "We like ya'll too but why kidnap us instead of asking us?" I looked at her then said "Would ya'll like to live with us?" She looked at me then nodded "Yes we will" I was so excited then i waited outside the bathroom for her. She finally came out then we went back to the room.

Louis's point of view


Madison was gorgeous i can't wait to call her mine,hold up! We kidnapped her she wouldn't like me now,unless i act my childish way. I looked at Madison and she smiled at me,i spoke to her "Hey Madison would you like to go on a walk with me in our garden?" I asked hopefully and i gave her the puppy dog face. She gave up and said "Fine cause i can fall in love with that puppy dog face a lot" I was so happy i grabbed her hand and brought her outside. I looked at her face and chuckled.Her face brightened up when i showed her the pond with the dolphin fountain. "Wow,how did ya'll get all of this here?"

Miranda's Point of view:

I was looking at Niall and tried calming down but that didn't end well, I ended up fainting in his arms. I started waking up on a bed because of some one shaking me but I just swatted the hand away. The voice sounded like an angel as he said "Wake up beautiful" I still didn't wake up instead i felt for something to throw at whoever was speaking and instead of finding something to hit him with I touched his hand. I shot up out of the bed and looked at Niall who was at least a few inches away from my face. He smirked at me and then started to frown for some reason. So I did what I always did when someone was sad i asked him "What's wrong?" He still didn't look in my eyes so I grabbed his chin with my hands making him look at me. "What's wrong?" I said a little more worried. He finally replied "Nothing. It's just i think I like you even though it's your first day here." I was left in awestruck but then he did something i didn't expect. He kissed me. Niall James Horan just kissed me!!! I was shocked and when ever I didn't kiss back he was sad so he tried walking away but I didn't let him. I kissed him and he was surprised but kissed back without hesitation ,all of the sudden we hear clapping and cheering. By the door my friends and the boys were clapping and laughing while Niall and I tuned crimson red.

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