Kidnapped by..... 1D??

Maegan,Madison,Miranda,Destiny,and Mackenzie were walking home from school when it was drizzling. Out of nowhere a black van pulls up, a guy with curly brown hair was driving and said "Hey do ya'll beautiful ladies need a ride home?" Miranda was about to say Yes when Maegan said "No thank you we can walk home" All of the sudden 4 other men get out of the car and grab them. Before they black out they all hear "we're sorry we had to do this but ya'll said no" What's going to happen next?? Read to find out.


1. Introduction

Ok this is my first Movellas so please no hate and tell me if you like this or if i should continue writing this story. Thx love all my haters and fans! :)

Maegan's point of view


 I was walking fast to my 6th period class,writing,with my four best friends,Miranda,Madison,destiny,and Mackenzie. We've known each other since we were in Elementary school so people call us the inseparable group. Madison all of a sudden speaks "Hey um.. can we all go to my house after school?" I looked at Miranda,Destiny,and Mackenzie who nodded. "yea that would be great!" "OK see y'all after class" she said flipping her hair around to head to class. "well that settles our plans for after school" said Miranda,smiling while fixing her glasses."yea OK well lets get to class before we get sent to the office for being late..Again." Mackenzie said rolling her eyes....... 5 mins later...... "y'all are here right on time" said our teacher ms.Green. ugh I'm so glad I'm in 12th and have 6th period with my best friends. most of the time passed by and then the bell rung. 'Yes time to go!' i thought. I met up with the girls and we started out of the building.

Madison's' point of view


We started walking out of school,heading towards my house since it's only five blocks away. When we were on Ormond Village Drive,a Black van pulls up out of nowhere. The driver unrolls his window but has sunglasses on,he has curly brown hair that seems familiar. He says "hey,would you beautiful young ladies like a ride?" I knew Miranda was about to say yes but Maegan answered before she could,"No thank you,we can walk home" All of the sudden 4 other men get out of the car and grab us.Before we blacked out we hear "we're sorry we had to do this but ya'll said no" 

Niall's point of view


Wow she was Gorgeous! I wish we didn't kidnap them but we saw them walk out of their school,i know "STALKER!" But guess what i don't care she was perfect! i know Harry likes that long blonde haired girl with hazel eyes,Zayn likes that Dark brown haired girl,Louis likes that shortish blonde haired girl with blue eyes and Liam likes that girl with dyed dirty blonde hair. Even if the girl i like has glasses she looks so innocent and peaceful.

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