Lost love

Niall Harry Liam zayn and Louis are preforming when they all here one specific voice and it's a special fan named aria they met her last year and she was trying to get away from her abusive father and she succesfully escaped for a week find out who saves aria and if there successful.


3. The voice

As they began singing story of my life, they all heard a very similar scream. Not a scream of happiness, but a scream of fear and pain. Niall's part was coming up but Niall stopped singing and got of the stage to find Aria. He finally found her in the third row with her father there smacking here for screaming I love you Niall. Niall with one of his bodyguards tried to save Aria and get her father away from her. Aria was pulled out by Niall and her father Ronald was pulled out by his bodyguard. This was the end Niall thought but in Aria's mind she knew there would be a battle.

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