Lost love

Niall Harry Liam zayn and Louis are preforming when they all here one specific voice and it's a special fan named aria they met her last year and she was trying to get away from her abusive father and she succesfully escaped for a week find out who saves aria and if there successful.


9. The subway

Aria left the house after Niall fell asleep. She walked from L.A to Hollywood and went to a subway nearby to go to Nevada. After about an hour and a half Niall woke up in sweats and looked for Aria he couldn't find her anywhere so he went walking and he saw a note Aria left it said, "I'm tired of running from my dad I'm going to a subway in Hollywood to get to Nevada don't come find me unless you propose love Aria". Niall rushed to get his shoes on still in his pajamas driving to Hollywood to try and catch Aria before she leaves. Niall finally gets there and he is frantically searching for Aria. He finally finds her buying a subway ticket with money she found lying around. Niall stops her and he tells her they must leave he grabs her wrists but she pulls away and runs not watching where she is going she runs into a man a very familiar man. The man happened to be her father she tries to run but Alastair his grip is to tight on her shoulders. She looks at his right hand witch is on his side she sees something shinning. She sees a knife she tries to run again but her father strikes her back. Once,twice,three times. She lets out a scream and Niall finds her lying on the floor bleeding out he calls for help hold the wound tight and as the ambulance arrive she breathes her last breath. Niall screamed as he knew his true love would never come back to him.

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