Lost love

Niall Harry Liam zayn and Louis are preforming when they all here one specific voice and it's a special fan named aria they met her last year and she was trying to get away from her abusive father and she succesfully escaped for a week find out who saves aria and if there successful.


4. The night at Niall's house.

As they headed back to Niall's house Niall thought how did I do that. I wasn't mentally ready all I can remember is seeing Aria and then leaving. He knew whatever happens after this would be what led her to safety or harm. He then said we have to go to my house for tonight but tomorrow we are leaving for safety. Aria was confused why they couldn't stay at Niall's house permanently. She wanted so bad just to stay at Niall's for she knew that Niall's mum would Surely come protect them. As they arrived at Niall's house Aria stopped and then passed out. As she fell Niall saw her on the floor and rushed to take her inside. When she woke she was curled up in Niall's arms and she started to bawl. For she knew why she passed out. Her father had drugged her because he knew she would surely try to escape from his evil clutches. They fell asleep in each other's arms.

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