Lost love

Niall Harry Liam zayn and Louis are preforming when they all here one specific voice and it's a special fan named aria they met her last year and she was trying to get away from her abusive father and she succesfully escaped for a week find out who saves aria and if there successful.


2. looking in the crowed

The concert was starting and the boys walked out on stage and of course you could only here thousands of girls screaming. Niall looked out into the crowed to see if he could find Aria. He saw to many girls that look a lot like her. Niall knew then that he would most likely never see her again, he started to tear up at he thought of where. She probably was. Niall expected the worse and wished for the best while thinking that she was either in living hell or dying heaven. Either way Aria wouldn't ever see Niall again at least that's what Niall thought.

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