A Cold Love

A cold winter can beat anything, all living thing, animal and even humans. Can love foal inside this? Maybe? Oh! Gosh tell me!!
A brown hair girl named Asami who actually want to be warrior and want to protect anyone. But that change by interest in wither.
Asami meet a girl named Ichigo she is friendly, beautiful and handsome woman, and popular in school but more import thing is... She is rich. Ichigo found interest in Asami but she don't know why.

~~That's story is not about living perfect is about what you want to be!!~~


1. Cold World

~~ 1:Cold World~~

Today was a coolest day ever! School is close by the big snowstorm. Winter can actually do something. Asami has waiting on this day but she wasn't about that. She build a snowman with shield and sword, and stuff. She was the only one was outside in the storm. "Nobody can't beat me and even storm can't" she smiled and laughed. She dancing and jumping around she had the fun.

A couple hours the storm became more powerful and Asami couldn't beat, so Asami tried walk into hers house but she can't cause the storm wa too powerful and pushed her away. She couldn't even see hers snowman. So she hiding behind something and hugging hers knees "let it go. Plz let it go. Snow is not a enemy is a friend" she keep saying that until all become white and the storm became silent. The sun shine on her and Asami looking up and smiled but faint

Asami was behind hers snowman but snowman couldn't protect itself and Asami snowmans head was down on hers head and smiles. Snowman was happy coarse he protect he's friend.

A couple hours was Asami freezing and couldn't walk and she looking around and try screaming help but she couldn't hers mouth does really hurt and Asami give up and close hers eyes.

A girl walking happy cause by storm is away. She walking past over Asami but stop and walked back. "Wake up!! Plz don't sleep!! Anyone help!!" That girl scream after help. Her mom and dad hear her scream and ran to her "What wrong?" Girls dad saying really worried and saw Asami freezing.

Girl's dad lift Asami up and going to their'a house. Girl's dad lays Asami on the sofa. When Asami woke up and was bit scary so she looking around but nothing to fear. It's nice and cosy house and Asami going back to sleep.

"Wake up, I have bake cake to ya" says a girl voice and Asami open her eyes "Hmm Ichigo?" Asami says her name and she sleep again. "Hmm where do ya know my name? Hey wake up don't sleep again!" Ichigo get bit angry so she throw the milk on Asami's head. "Kyaa, w-what" she get really surprise and looking around and look back to Ichigo "Oh, Ichigo! What's going?" Asami smiled and look like a dog.

Ichigo still confused cause she never have meet Asami before "mmm where do ya know my name?" She get bit embarrassed and Asami look like she forget something "oh! Yeah forget it Kihehe, I'm the new student in Asuksa school and all kids just looking at you so I guess you're popular in school so you don't notice me" Asami is really don't care about school and stuff.

Ichigo get more embarrassed and give a cake "here!! And sorry if I don't notice yaa and I love new student so I can get new friend!! I'm really really sorry" Asami get surprise by the cake but she didn't take it cake but touch Ichigo's cheek "don't worry" Asami smiled and Ichigo begin blushes and smiles too" really thanks goddnes" she was really happy by heard that.

Asami didn't eat that cake cause she doesn't like sweet but Ichigo was don't care and begin hug Asami "it's nice meet ya my name is Ichigo Inoue" she look like cat and Asami being blushes "h-huh Mm my Name is Asami Kisaruga" Asami looking around oh good Ichigo is rich that's why she is soo popular. Asami stand up "I need to go home" Ashe walking out "wait! My dad has ringing to ur mom and they coming get ya" Ichigo is now worried and she walk to Asami and take hers hand "plz don't leave"

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