difficult love ❤️

A girl who met her true love Justin Bieber ... A girl from small city that she really hate justin bieber but in the end she going to fell in love with him ....

ENJOY ����


9. The Fight

So the next day you wake up for a big noise from downstairs



You:what are you doing here at 7:00 AM ?

Chaz:do you have any problems that i'm here

You:i dont understand why you are mad at me i'm suppose to be mad at you not you at me

Chaz:ok ok sorry i'm mad

You:with me?

Chaz:not with you belle

You:then with who?

Chaz:with justin

You:Justin? Justin Bieber ?

Chaz:yeah do you know many justin Bieber

You:probably noo


You:but why you are he's best friend

Chaz:not anymore

You:what?? You are not kidding me

Chaz:no no i'm not belle now can you just leave me alone here ALONE


You walk upstairs and your mind is start thinking about justin and your brother

Why they fight?


About what?

You brush your teeth and get ready for to go to justin's house you really want to know why they fight

So you open the door so you run downstairs

So you walk outside and finally went to justin's house

You knock the door many time's

You think that he maybe he is sleeping bc the time is 7:46 AM

But finally justin open the door

Justin:Wow wow look who's here my baby

You:please stop

Justin:but i did nothing yet

You:i'm not here about something dirty i'm here to know why you fight with chaz?

Justin:how you know about the fight?

You:well i know that you fight about something but i dont know the reason

Justin:well all the fight is about you belle

You:about me? Why

Justin: bc yesterday chaz got mad at me bc i did not tell you about laura and ariana and then i told him about the kiss and he got mad about all this stuff and he told me not to touch anymore and not to talk to you even not to look you

You:did he tell to not breath either ?

Justin:no he did not tell something about this ..

You:ok and?

Justin:and then we start fight and that's all i went to my house

You:i can't believe that chaz did this thing to you he love's you he tell me that you are like he's brother

Justin:well i think not anymore

Justin:so do you want something to drink or something else

Justin it was with he's underwear only with he's underwear with he's perfect hair he was so HOT

You:the only thing that i want is to put an t-shirt and pans

Justin:oh oh sorry now i saw this i'm really sorry

You:c'mon don't feel sorry maybe i like it that you are like this

Justin:um are you seriously? Belle who are you ...you dont want me to call you babe and now you are telling me that you like that i'm only with my underwear ?

You:yeah justin i really like

You came close to him and kiss him at he's neck

Justin he just close he's eyes and enjoying my kiss that i give to he's neck

Justin put you at the couch and he start kissing you with passion at your lips

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