difficult love ❤️

A girl who met her true love Justin Bieber ... A girl from small city that she really hate justin bieber but in the end she going to fell in love with him ....

ENJOY ����


7. The Ex-girlfriend

You:sorry one minute i'm going to tell something to Justin


You saw Justin playing video games alone so you push his shoulder

Justin:hey babe

You:stop calling me babe

Justin:ok ok

You:you are such a asshole

Justin:wait wait girl i'm such a asshole only because i call you babe?

You:is not of this is that you lie to me

Justin:for what are you talking about ??

You:about your girlfriend

Justin:who tell to you ?


Justin:laura really ?? You believe that bitch?

You:she is not bitch she is my friend

Justin:and also my ex-girlfried


Justin:go ahead go ask chaz if you are not believing me ..



Chaz:what ?

You:come right now here


Chaz:what do you want me?

You:is that true that laura my new friend it was justin's ex-girlfriend?

Chaz:yeah she was

You:and is true that justin has a girlfriend


Your eyes follow Justin's eyes ...

And you start screaming to him

You:it was the worst thing that i kiss you and that i trust you

Justin:i'm sorry belle but i really like you

You:you better forget all this thing i'm never going to have a boyfriend that he is laying

Chaz:i tell you dude to tell to her the truth

You:ha you know it too right ? I'm never going to talk to you again Chaz

Chaz:but belle he is my best friend

You:and i'm your sister

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