difficult love ❤️

A girl who met her true love Justin Bieber ... A girl from small city that she really hate justin bieber but in the end she going to fell in love with him ....

ENJOY ����


5. one kiss 💏

Today is my first day in my new school

I'm little scary because i don't have friends yet but and I'm happy that i'm going to see Justin

Ok yeah i'm taking back everything that i say for Justin i was totally WRONGE

you:Hey Justin :)

Justin:hey belle

Chaz:hey guys

Justin he ask you many things but the weird thing is that he ask me if i have a boyfriend i'm sure that he doesn't like me ...And i thing he has a girlfriend ...

Justin:so belle do you have a boyfriend ?

You:B-Boyfriend ?


You:no :( i just broke with my boyfriend when i tell to him that i'm moving to Canada

Justin:don't be sad about him ...

So we enter the door ...the school it was big ....

Justin came close to you and he smile to you

He has so sexy with he's brown eyes with he's hair ....

Justin:i'm going to show you the school don't be afraid you are going to be friends with all the school

You:actually i'm not sure with all the school but ok ....

He show you the school and he tell you where is your first class...

You sit close to one girl she was cool and nice

You:hi :)

Her:hi :)

You:what your name?

Her:my name is Laura

You:nice to meet you Laura my name is belle

Laura:nice to meet you too belle

Laura:i'm sure that we are going to be good friends :)

You:great ..

So the school day it was over

You:hey Laura do you want to come to my house ?


So you walk out of the school and we are waiting for Chaz and Justin ....

You:hey Chaz hey Justin let me meet you with my new friend Laura

Laura:hi guys

She came close to you and she tell to you that If i known Justin

You:of course i known Justin he is my brother best friend why?

Laura:he is the most co boy in this school and he is sexy ....

I don't know whats wrong but i feel so jealous that she likes Justin i'm sure that i'm in love with him so crazy ...

You:hey Justin do you have girlfriend ?




Chaz run close to Justin

Chaz:Dude why you lie to my sister you have girlfriend and let me remind you her name is Ariana

Justin:i tell shhhh i know i know but Chaz you know mu feeling for your sister i don't want to her to know that i have a girlfriend

You open the door and you tell to Laura to come inside

You:go to my room and i'm coming is the left one


Chaz he walk from the kitchen so you and Justin are alone in the living room

Both of you smile to each other

He came from your side and stand front of you and he came too close that finally your lips is on he's lips you feel he's tongue playing with yours this kiss actually it was a long kiss...

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