difficult love ❤️

A girl who met her true love Justin Bieber ... A girl from small city that she really hate justin bieber but in the end she going to fell in love with him ....

ENJOY ����


4. Is he in love ?

I really change my mind about Justin ...

He looks nice now and i like it ....

I was think about Justin all the time i don't now what happen with me I'm in love with him??

No no no never

You fell in sleep with all those thinking

Justin came to your house to play some video games with Chaz

Chaz: Justin go to my room and I'm coming he tell

Justin: Ok

Justin walk to Chaz room but he saw your doors room open and he came to your room he saw you sleeping

I can't understand why i was hating her last summer she is stunning she is beautiful

He touch your hair ... Chaz came to your room too...

Chaz:dude what are you doing here i told you go to my room and second why are you touching my sister's hair ????

Justin:i don't know man i don't know what happen with me

Chaz:ok man we just take a deal that you are going to tell to her sorry what you did last

summer don't take this so seriously man

Justin:no no Chaz i think.....

Chaz:you are not kidding right ?


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