Angela had a life of misery since her parents died in the car accident. It didn't help that she got bullied in school and her boyfriend would beat her when ever he had the chance!

Only one person will be able to turn her life around into the right direction.


3. Chapter 3

As I got ready for school I looked in the at disgusting self. I don't understand why Blake likes me or even why my brother keeps me in his house.

I looked down at my self then started to rummage through my cabinets for my blade. Finally I found it and I cut myself once for being ugly then I cut myself on the other wrist for being stupid. After that I cleaned off my blade then cleaned up my wrists so I could wrap a bandage around them.

When I was down that I went though my clothes and picked out a turquoise and white crop top that had the number 27 on it and I got a pair of white ripped jeans to put on.

When I was done getting changed I ran down stairs, got on my white TOMS and ran out the door before I was late for school.

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