Angela had a life of misery since her parents died in the car accident. It didn't help that she got bullied in school and her boyfriend would beat her when ever he had the chance!

Only one person will be able to turn her life around into the right direction.


1. Chapter 1

My name is Angela though everyone calls me Angel. I have Blondish brown hair, my eyes are bright blue almost like crystals, I am 17, and my life is a messed up hell hole. After my parents died in a car accident I went to live with my older brother Tyler and his girlfriend Jessica. I had a younger brother named Jeremy he died in that car accident too.

I got to school every day and get bullied by 5 people Diana, Denis, Caroline, Skylar, and Daniel. My only best friends that know what I'm going through are Kat, KC, and Willow. Not to mention that my boyfriend Blake beats me every day not just verbally but physically too. He's the reason why I cut every day. No one knows I cut not even my best friends or my brother. The only thing I get my mind off thing while I'm at school other than cutting is music. I LOVE music, my favourite band is One Direction they're one of the reasons why I am still alive!

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