11. Your pregnant

#Your pregnant



"Im scared" you cry sobbing into Liam's now soaked shirt, "don't cry love, everythings going to be fine, this is a good thing, we are having a baby, together!" Liam says hugging you tighter. "But what about everyone, what will they think of me, my mum, my dad, your parents, the neighbo-" "love, who cares what they think, this is about me, you and this little guy" he says rubbing your small bump. "Or little girl" you sniff, "see there you go" Liam says grinning which only makes you laugh. "Everythings going to be fine" he whispers sweetly rocking you back and forward, "just fine" and with that he begins to sing softly in your ear.



"A-and a high chair.....yes yes we need bed, the baby needs a bed!!" Niall says rushing his words, you laugh watching your boyfriend completely over worry himself. "Oh my God, what will it eat....erm ah...I can get it some nandos" he panics, "Niall" you smile calmly still sat on the sofa whilst you watch him freak out which you must admit is ever so funny. "Wait! what if they're a mc Donald's kid, then ill have to go all the way to Mc Donalds then back to Nandos to get both our food" he yells grabbing chucnks of his hair and pulling on them. "Niall" you yell a little louder laughing, he suddenly stops and looks to you and soon enough hes by your side. "W-what, what is it, IS THE BABY COMING" he shouts and you laugh shaking your head. "No Nialler, im only 3 weeks" you giggle at your boyfriend who dosent have a clue about babys. "Everythings going to be fine, just calm down ok" you smile sweetly and he gives a slight nod smiling. "I love you" he smiles, "I love you too" you giggle back.



"Harry" you frown waving a hand in front of his frozen still body, you thought he had gone into shock or something, he wasn't moving. "Harry" you say a little louder beginning to worry until he finally snaps out of it looking up at you. "We-we're hav-having" his voice shakes and you nod slowly, your stomach beginning to turn. He didn't want this, you knew it, you felt a tear roll down your cheek and as soon as Harry saw, his arms were tightly wrapped around you pulling you close, "I-I-im sorry" you cry not being able to hold it back, "Sorry" Harry says confused, "why an earth are you sorry" he says. "Y-you don't want th-this" you stutter choking on your own tears. "What are you talking about angel, this is amazing" he says full of life and energy. "Bu-but....." you frown confused, "its a lot to take in at first angel but i promise you, i couldn't be happier" he smiles sweetly and you give him a half smile hugging his waste tightly.



"WE'VE GOT TO TELL EVERYONE" Louis shouts running mentally through out the house, "Louis calm yourself" you laugh watching him run into the kitchen doing a little dance. "Oh Yessssssssss, Im the daddy" he sings in a do da voice which only makes you laugh harder. "Im gonna be a daddy, im gonna be a daddy" he continues to chant and dance running about everywhere like a 5 year old but that's why you loved him. "God forbid if your going to be as active and hyper as your daddy" you whisper smiling and rubbing the round bump on your stomach of who, junior Tomlinson sits.



The grin on his face wouldn't disappear, "im going to be a dad" he says and you nod smiling, "this is going to be amazing!" he says jumping up, "I can play football with him and we can watch the game and-" "wait him" you interrupt, "what makes you so sure its going to be a boy" you grin and he shrugs, "i duno, i just presumed, i mean im a boy so-" "would you love them any less if it was a girl" you ask raising an eye brow and his faces drops, "NO, of course i wouldn't, i would love my little girl just as much, i mean sure i wont be able to watch the game and all that with her but she might like to paint and draw and we can share that and i can beat up any boys that come near her and....." he babbles on. "Mmm well you never know if it is a girl, she might be a little tom boy, i was" you grin and he grins back attacking you with kisses.

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