13. Your obsession with a series

#Your obsession with a series


"Please watch it with me" you beg giving Zayn the puppy dog eyes, "no, ive had enough of it, we watch it practically every night" he says shaking his head. "B-but its too scary to watch on my own" you say pouting your lip. "Then don't bloody watch it" he laughs, "Butttttt its getting really good" you encourage with only makes him laugh. Lately you had been obsessed with the tv series 'Grimm' which wasn't actually too frightening but a bit more gruesome if anything. "Pwetty Pwease" you say in a baby voice and he sighs rubbing the back of his neck, one episode" he says and you jump with joy kissing him all over, "thank you" you say and he smiles catching your lips.


"Who doesn't love freaking vampires" you say putting in the next disc of 'Buffy the vampire slayer', a series you had been majorly obsessed with lately. "They aren't even proper vampires" Louis complains from the sofa, "how can they not be proper vampires" you argue back being defensive of your favourite series. "There faces turn weird" he says, "and the graphics are horrible" he continues. "Lou its a series that started in 1997, the graphics aren't going to be top notch" you laugh shaking your head and sitting on his lap. "Its boring" he groans and you roll your eyes, "whatever you can watch your series tomorrow" you say and lean into him as it begins.


"That ones cute" Niall grins and you raise an eye brow at him, "which one" you ask and he points at the screen once she appears, "Elena! yuck, if your going to like anyone Caroline's the most beautiful" you roll your eyes. "Well what about you, you say whats his face, Klark is good looking, his accents annoying and hes the evil guy, at least Damon has style" Niall argues back as you watch 'The Vampire Diaries' a series you absolutely love which Niall was beginning to love as well. "Firstly its Klaus not Klark and secondly, his accent is adorable-" "YOU SAID MY ASSCENTS ADORABLE" he yells cutting you off. "Never said it wasn't but his is too" you grin and so dose he. "Whatever" he grins, "your still mine" he smiles and leans in kissing your lips ever so gently.


"This is one of the many reasons why i love you" Liam grins sitting down with a bowl of popcorn, "what because I love the same series as you" you laugh, "what girls like 'The Walking Dead' " Liam grins, "Its not just a guys program because zombies are in it" you roll your eyes and Liam shrugs. 'The Walking Dead' was an amazing series and you loved it, "don't be so stereo typical" you giggle and Liam smiles opening his arms for you to come and sit with him. You sit on his lap and snuggle into him as you begin to watch it.


"How many more are there" Harry groans, "we've only watched 3 episodes" you roll your eyes, "yeah and each one lasts an hour and a half" he says, "but there interesting" "there boring" "there educational" "there impossible" you both begin to fire back at each other about the new series you have been obsessed with, 'Sherlock'. You love it but Harry finds it annoying, "well theres only 3 seasons and 3 episodes in each season" you shrug, "yeah which each episode that lasts an hour and a half" he repeats, "deal with it" you laugh and lay your head on his shoulder as the next episode begins. "You know you sorta look like him" you giggle which only makes him scoff. "No seriously, i mean you both have curly hair, both tall and slim..." you trail off snickering slightly. "Mhmm but im the better looking one" he grins and you laugh as he leans in stealing you lips. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hey x so you probably don't care but just felt like telling you, these are some of my favourite series and i was bored watching Buffy, and the idea of this popped into my head, so i hope you like them, i know there not the best but oh well xx and please if you have any ideas for images just comment then okay xx ill reply to all x

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