12. Your child has a nightmare

#Your child has a nightmare


The familiar cry escaped your 2 year old daughters lips and as always Niall was up like a lightening bolt besides her cot. He leaned in scooping he into his arms and rubbing her back, "Its okay my little princess, daddys here" you heard him say and cant help but smile watching the two people you love most together. As always seeing her daddys big blue eyes, your daughter calms down and just continues to stare with the occasional giggle. If he had to Niall would stay up all night just waiting for his little princess to fall back to sleep and that's one of the many things you loved so much about him.


You sigh climbing into bed with a yawn, that was the fourth time your son had awoken crying from his continuous nightmares and of course you did not blame him but you were so tired and you'd had enough. You and Zayn took turns getting up for him but he still awoke you both each time he began to cry and you could never sleep anyway knowing he was crying. But you needed sleep at this point and you knew Zayn could tell. The next time (Y,S,N) began to cry it was Zayns turn and as soon as you heard the sweet sound of silence you were in a deep sleep. The following few days, (Y,S,N) hadn't woken crying at all, not even once and it wa sonly after one day finding boy him and Zayn crashed on the sofa together, you realised Zayn had been taking him down stairs so that you were able to sleep. You smiled kissing your boyfriends lips, he was the sweetest guy ever.


"Ive got it love" Harry mumbles giving your head a light kiss before climbing out of bed and taking your crying daughter from her cot, "now now, what wrong my little bubba" he asked in a baby voice lifting her high in the air which caused a giggle from her. He smile kissing your daughters head before placing her back in her cot which only made her burst into tears and he was quick to pick her back up. "Ok ok no cot, how about you jump into bed with mummy and daddy" he asks the 4 year old little girl and she nods happily, "mummy" she squeaks and you smile opening your arms as (Y,D,N) climbs into bed with you along with Harry who gives you yet another kiss, "Love you" he smiles with his pearly white teeth. "I love you too" you smile happily snuggling with your daughter and boyfriend.


"Please don't cry my sweet, do you want daddy to sing, daddy will sing for you" Louis says rocking your new born back and forwards in his arms, she would not stop crying. You smile as Louis begins to sing a lullaby to your daughter who is some what memorised by his voice and soon begins to stop crying. "That's a good girl" Louis smiles down at the double of him. You smile climbing put of bed and make your way over to him, he dosnet notice until you run a hand through his hair and rest your chin on his shoulder from behind, "your such a good father" you smile and he gives a look of thanks.


His chocolate brown eyes continued to flood with tears as he let out small high pitched screams, both you and Liam had jumped out of bed racing your way to your sons room, scared to death of what was happening. Seeing first that there was no one else in the room or anything like that, Liam sat down on your 3 year old sons little red racing car bed with him and pulled him onto his lap. "Hey buddy whats wrong" he asks softly stroking your sons head, his eyes scanning over him, just to check for any injurys or anything like that. (Y,S,N) sobbed before in a very quiet voice whispered "I had a nightmare". Liam gives him a small smile and kisses his head, "the good thing about nightmares are that there not real" he tells your son who stares up into Liam big brown eyes still with a few silent tears in his eyes and nods lightly. You sit down next to him and your son jumps into your lap hugging you tightly, "want to stay with mommy and daddy tonight" you ask softly hugging his small frame back and he nods with a sniff. You smile picking him up as you all head back to your room.

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