15. Music taste

#Music taste


"What do you mean, you don't like my music!" Harry yells jumping over the sofa and following you into the kitchen, "I never said i didn't like your music, i just said i prefer Green day" you shrug. You were more of a rock trick than a Directioner but sure you still liked them. "So you don't like me, Liam, Lou, Ni or Zayn" he frowns crossing his arms. "Harry" you laugh turning around and cupping the back of his neck, "I love you and all the boys and i love your music but i just prefer Green day" you giggle pecking his lips slightly. "Green days not your boyfriend" he mutters, "I wish" you sigh teasing him. His eyebrows furrow and you laugh once more, "Im joking big boy" you tease and he rolls his eyes, "whatever" he mumbles before pushing his lips against yours.


"Nah-ah-a" Liam shakes his head, "Elvis is way more of classic" he shakes his head, "sorry baby, Im Tom all the way" you shrug which makes him only look down in shame. "No just no" he says, "How is Tom Jones any better than Elvis" he chuckles, "Elvis is boring" you shrug once more and he gasps. "Liesssssss" he yells, "Liesssss i tell you" which only makes you laugh, "Li we can have different opinions you know" you giggle leaning up to peck his lips but he steps back. "Nope....I will not kiss someone who cant see the obvious" he shakes his head, "fine" you shrug, "ill just go kiss one of the boys instead, you know ive always wondered how Niall kisses" you say pulling on a thinking face and turn away skipping to Nialls room. "Wait" Liam calls garbbing you hand and you smirk before turning to him, "Elvis is still better" he mumbles before pulling you into a sweet kiss.


"5 seconds of summer are great" Niall pouts, "Niall im saying One Direction, you know the band your in is better" you laugh at your boyfriend who continues to pout. "But then your saying 5 seconds of summer are worse than us and that's mean" he says, "I think they are great Ni but i think your voice is adorable" you smile curling you fingers into his shirt as you lean up leaving a sweet kiss on his lips. "I think Luke's voice is adorable" Niall says and you frown at him for a few moments, "want to break up with me and ask Luke out then" you laugh and he immediately shakes his head. "NO....I didn't.....that's not what i not ga........i love you...." he says panicky which makes you laugh even more. "I was kidding and theres nothing wrong with being gay either" you wink before skipping off. That was a strange discussion.


"SPAWN OF SATEN" Louis screams hissing at you, "Louis" you laugh, "I just think that The Fray are-" "DONT SAY IT" he shouts cutting you off, "No Lou just-" "NOOOOO" "Stop being so immature let me expla-" "WE'RE NOT FRIENDS" "Louis seriously let me speak I-" "YOUR A BAD PERSON, ROT AWAY ALREADY" "Louis will you stop, just let me get one sentence ou-" "YOUR THE EVIL ONE" "Louis William Tomlinson will you stop-" "BLAH BLAH BLAH IM NOT LISTENING, SHEEP GO BAHHHH, COWS GO MOOOOO" He yells placing his fingers in his eyes. "For the love of God" you mutter to yourself then grab both his cheeks and crash your lips against his, finally he stops screaming and kisses you last. Once you pull away you rest your head against his and smile, "The Fray suck" you say quickly then giggle, "HOW COULD YOU" he screams once again and you cant stop laughing.


"Nirvana are great" Zayn says pulling you down into his lap, "Nah, i like Rolling Stones" you shrug, "why there so.......plain" he mumbles, "plain" you ask. "How can a band be plain" you frown, "easy, they suck" he grins knowing it annoys you when he talks about your taste in music like that. "Mhmm well guess what" you say and he raises an eye brow, "what" you grin before poking him in the chest, "you suck and so dose One Direction" you joke and he shakes his head. "You didn't just go there" he grins back, "Oh i went there" you giggle and he shrugs, "guess the only thing i can do now is.......TICKLE YOU" he screams and attacks your ribs, "Noooo" you yell laughing and squirming about as he continues to tickle and kiss you everywhere.

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