9. His parents catch you

#his parents catch you


You and Harry where having dinner with his parents that night, you had a fight the night before but just went along with the dinner so you didn't diserpoint his parents.

"Ready" he mumbled, you rolled your eyes and he mumbled something under his breath before knocking on the door. His mum opened it up an smiled "Harry, (y,n)" she smiled embarrassing us in a group hug.

"Hi Mrs Styles" you said as you walked in, you said hi to his Mr Styles then walked to the living room setling yourself down in the sofa. You looked towards Harry and he scoffed and turned walking upstairs to his old room.

You sighed and buried your face in your hands, "(y,n)" you heard Mrs Styles say, you looked behind you to see her frowning, "what's going on with you and Harry" she asks softly.

"nothing" you replayed fake smiling, she raised her eye brow and you sighed, "we had a fight" you sighed, "oh well you no Harry he gets in strops but I'm sure you will be fine" she smiled and walked off.

you sighed an closed your eyes, you soon felt the sofa sink and someone wrap there arms around you. 

"I will always love you, you no that right" Harry mumbled kissing your head, you turned and looked into his eyes, "so much and I am sorry" he whispered and gently leaned in kissing your lips softly. You smile and he grins pushing you back on the sofa and began to kiss you roughly.

You heard someone cough and you looked up to see his mum, "Dinners ready" she said raising an eye brow, you bit your lip and she winked at you before walking out.


"Niall" you hissed as his hand hovered over your area, sometimes running his fingers down.

You where queuing with his parents to get into a restaurant and he seemed every so horny.

He grinned and gave you an innocent look, "(y,n)" his mother said snapping you out of your thoughts.

"Yes" you asked and Nialls hand glided to the back of you resting on the lower part of you back but moved it down to your ass.

"so how have you been" his mother asked, "good" i smiled stepping forward slightly away from Nialls greedy hands. "Niall i hope you have been looking after her" his mother said looking at Niall, "of course" he smirked and you rolled your eyes.

It was your turn to go in now and as his mother turned around walking, he slapped you butt.

"Niall" you groaned and he chuckled, you walked forwards beside him and his father came up to his ear whispering something.

You just about heard, "none of that" his dad warned into his ear, Nialls cheeks went bright red and you laughed.


He pushed you against the wall his lips attacking your neck, it was a huge party to celebrate his aunts birthday and you to hadn't had any alone time all day.

"Liam" you giggled as he nibbled on your ear, you were in the hall of his aunts house and everyone else was outside. His fingers fumbled with the buttons on your shirt and you shook your head.

"Not now" you whispered, "relax i just want this open" he said pointinh to your shirt.

He undid your shirt buttons and wrapped his arms around your waist, your shirt fell off your shoulder slightly.

And he grinned kissing you roughly, "ehem" you heard and you quickly pulled away and Liam pulled you behind him so no one could see you.

You looked up to see Liam dad crossing his arms, "er dad its-" "let me ask is this a pool party" his dad intrupted.

"no" Liam said confused, "then there is no need to be taking clothes off" he said narrowing his eyes at you, you hid behind Liam and looked over his shoulder at him like a scared little kid.

"so i suggest you tidy yourself back up" he said , you quickly did up your shirt buttons and bit your lip.

"Sorry sir" you barley whispered, he chuckled and smiled at you, "i was young once too" he smiled turning around and walking off.

You looked to Liam and giggled, "i guess it will have to wait until tonigt" he grinned.


Louis laid you down on the dinning table and grinned climbing on top, "Lou" you giggled as his smirked kissing you gently.

"What i cant have a little fun with my beautiful girlfriend" he grinned you giggled and he kissed you passionately.

His hands ran up the back of your T-shirt and unclipped your bra, his hand travelled to the front and moved under your bra cupping your breasts.

You moaned and he smirked, "agh Lou" you moaned louder as he squeezed them.

"Please we have to eat off that" you heard his mum say walking in and settling her shopping bags on the side, "Mum" Louis yelled and jumped up off of you, sliding off the table.

You quickly sat up keeping you arms tight to your body so you bra wouldn't fall down.

"I-i er w-wa-wasn't you going to be a few ho-hours" Louis stuttered, "Yes but i changed my mind and i can see you were quite busy whilst i was gone" she said looking at you and raising an eye brow.

You gave an innocent smile and she chuckled, "Now i am going to go back hour and i assure you this time i will be a few hours" she said grabbing her purse and walked out.

"BUT THIS TIME PLEASE IN THE BES ROOM" she yelled and closed the door behind her.

I laughed and Louis grinned, "Race you to the bedroom" he grinned and ran to the stairs, "hay" you giggled running after him.


"Zayn stop" you giggled he was sending kisses all over your body, he smiled and tugged your sweats down kissing down your leg as he did so. You were in Zayns room and laid down on his bed.

"Zayn your parents are just down stairs" you said but he ignored you and came back up to your face and pulled your tank top off. You giggled as he smiled kissing your lips.

He pulled off his own shirt and smiled at you, you ran your hands up and down his chest smiling then grabbed the back off his neck pulling him down.

He kissed you softly, it was filled with love, lust and passion, he kissed your jaw and travelled down your neck.

The door suddenly opened and you let out a small scream and Zayn quickly flipped you so you were hidden behind him.

You pulled the duvet up and covered yourself then wrapped your arms around Zayn from behind.

"Dad" Zayn groaned, you looked up to see Zayns dad starring down at you with his eye brow raised.

"none of that" he said strictly and walked out, Zayn turned around and looked into your eyes.

He groaned then mumbled into your ear, "Later at yours" you smiled and he pecked your lips.



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