18. He's drunk

#He's drunk


"Baby come on" you laugh at your drunk boyfriend who wouldn't stop laughing or talking. "On more beer" he cheers and you roll you're eyes. "You said that 4 beers ago" you giggle taking a hold of his hand and he rolls his eyes, "let the party continue" he calls out at the top of his voice, "it can but you can't" you laugh hooking his arm over you're shoulder, "do you like nandos, I loooovvvveeeee nandos" he grins, talking nonsense, "well if we go now, I'll buy you some nandos in the morning" you grin and he's out the door light a lightning bolt. He's such an idiot but he's adorable!


"Liam" you laugh watching your very drunk boyfriend fall all over the place. You were at a friends party and Liam was completely wasted! He couldn't even walk properly. You giggled and quickly took a hold of his arm leading him off of the dance floor. People were getting a little pissed from his repeated actions of falling into them now and you decided to get him out of there before he could cause any real damage but he didn't want to. "No" he says shaking his head, "let's party" he yells and you roll you're eyes, "fine but let's party where you're not bugging someone every 2 seconds" you giggle and he grins leaning in to kiss you.


"Babe stop" you giggle feeling Zayns lip trail up and down you're next, "but you're so beautiful" he murmurs, "yeah and you soooo reek of alcohol" you laugh rolling you're eyes and pushing him away. He was as drunk as a skunk as they say! "Let's get you home" you smile, "and into bed" he grins. "Mhmm but not the way you think Malik" you laugh helping him to the exit of the club but once you reach the car Zayn has better plans. "What are you doing" you shriek as he suddenly opens the back door and pushes you in, "well you said it's not happening at home so....." He grins and you laugh as he quickly climbs in as well attacking you with kisses


"Will you stop" you mutter in a low voice keeping it so only he could hear. You look up and smile to his parents of which had invited you to a family dinner. Although Louis had a bit to drink before and so now was wasted and drunk Louis with you around normally ends up in horny Louis which is what was happening now. He couldn't keep his hands off of you. "Wanna head back home" he grins and you roll you're eyes, "even if I was to say yes how could we" you whisper back gesturing to his parents which only makes him smirk. "Mum, dad, (y,n) has come down sick so I'm going to take her home" he says standing up and grabbing you're hand and soon enough you were in your way home.


"Mhmm" you smile feeling his lips against you're neck, "Harry" you moan and give his chest a small push which with his drunken state sends him stumbling back and you have to quickly grab his hand before he can fall. "Sorry baby but please not it here" you beg giggling slightly which makes him roll his eyes. "Why don't want all those fucking twats to see you've got a boyfriend" he mutters leaning his forehead against yours. You were at the mall and a little while back some guy by the fountain had decided to hit on you which Harry soon scared away but still. He had gotten himself all worked up about it and had, had a few to drink so he was now wasted and very protective and jealous. Which is how he normally acts when he's drunk with you. "No baby because there's little kids around now let's get you home" you giggle and take his hand leading him outside and back to you're car where you drove home.

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