6. he meets you're parents

#he meets your parents


"Babe chill they will love you" you smiled and your boyfriend Liam who was panicking, you gently squeezed his hand as you pulled into the drive way.

Your mum opened the door and grinned, you climbed out of the car and she ran over to you, giving you the biggest hug ever,

"(Y,N) ive missed you so much" he smiled and pulled back looking at you, her eyes then trailed over to Liam who was awkwardly standing behind you.

"Er mum this is Liam" you smiled and stepped back next to him, "er hi" he said nervously "Liam i have heard so much about you" she smiled and welcomed him in a hug.

He sighed in relief and pulled back, "come on lets head in side" your mum said and you both follower her inside.

"(Y,D,N), (Y.N) is here" she yelled and your dad walked into the lounge where you were.

"(Y,N)" he smiled and hugged you, his eyes then shot to Liam and straight away, shot up and down from his head to toes.

Liam looked at you and a rise of panic formed inside of him, "Er hem Dad" you groaned.

He sighed and stuck out his hand, "Nice to meet you lad" he said sternly, Liam stuck out his hand shaking your dads, "You to sir" Liam said and you smiled.

You new your dad liked him, anyone with a good hand shake, "Ok lets go have some dinner shall we" your mum smiled and walked to the kitchen with your dad following behind.

Liam sighed and you giggled, "do they like me" he asked innocently, "They love you" you smiled and pecked his lips.


"Zayn are you sure your ok" you giggled as you walked up your parents drive way, "babe im fine" Zayn said coolly.

It was funny, he was trying to act cool and out going but you knew him to well and could tell he was freaking on the inside.

You knocked on the door and your dad answered, straight away Zayn grabbed your hand and squeezed it tightly. You giggled and looked at him then at your dad, "Hi daddy" you smiled, "angel" he smiled and hugged you then looked at Zayn and frowned.

"Daddy this is Zayn" you smiled and stepped closer to Zayn.

"Nice to meet you sir" Zayn said and your dad just nodded giving Zayn the biggest and most horrid look.

"Dad" you sort of yelled, he slowly took his eyes off Zayn and to you, "(Y,D,N) are you scarring (Y,N) friend" your mother said from behind your dad.

Your dad moved and your mum came in to sight, "don't worry about him hes just protective of his little girl, nice to meet you im (Y,M,N)" your mum said putting out her hand.

"Hi im Zayn" Zayn smiled shaking her hand, you sighed in relief and grabbed Zayns hand, he looked down at you and smiled.

You giggled and stood on your tippy toes and kissed his cheek.

Your dad coughed and your mum hit his arm, "Lets go inside shall we" she smiled and walked in.

You giggled as Zayns body relaxed a little, "yes you were really fine" you giggled at Zayn and he looked down at you and rolled his eyes.

"Shut up" he said and grabbed your waist and kissed you passionately.


"Niall they will love you, especially your accent that's a bonus" you giggled, Niall nodded and chuckled himself.

You opened your house door and Niall grabbed your waist pulling you into him before you walked in.

"Mum, dad im home" you yelled and walked into the kitchen where they were.

"(Y,M,N)" your mother yelled and ran up to you hugging her, her eyes then travelled to Niall, "and who is this" she smiled.

"Mum, Dad this is Niall, my boyfriend" you said and grabbed Nialls hand pulling him forwards.

"Oh well aren't you handsome" your mum laughed and Niall smiled, "Thank you ma 'me" he said in his thick Irish accent.

Your dads eyes widened and you new he was already in love with him.

"Is that an Irish accent lad" your dad said standing up, Niall nodded nervously and your dad grinned.

"You no im part Irish........." Your dad started his life long story of Ireland he has told you a million times.

He grabbed Nialls shoulder and walked him to the lounge sitting down still blabbering on.

Niall looked back at you half scarred half confused and you laughed, "well your dad certainly liked him" your mum laughed, "he sure dose" you smiled.


"Louis man up and knock on the flipping door" you laughed as your boyfriend Louis kept walking up to the door about to knock then getting nervous and backing away.

"Ok ok i will do it this time" he said and you rolled your eyes knowing he wouldn't, he walked over to the door and held his fist up.

He took a deep breath paused for a moment then sighed, "No no i cant" he said backing up again.

"Oh for the love of God" you sighed and banged loudly on the door, "WHY DID YOU DO THAT" Louis screamed and you laughed, "because im starting to get cold and we have been just standing out side the door waiting for you to knock for 20 minutes" you chuckled.

"Yeah but im not ready" "yes you are" you smiled, "no im not" "yes you are" "no im not" you two kept squabbling until you noticed that your parents had opened the door and where standing there amused.

"No im no-" Louis started but stopped and slowly turned to the door and looking at your parents, "well that was amusing" your mum laughed.

"Hi mum" you smiled and hugged her then your dad, "Hello darling" you dad smiled then looked at Louis.

"Er this is Louis my boyfriend" you smiled and looked at Louis face turning pale at your dads glare.

Your mum elbowed your dad in the gut and stepped forward, "Nice to meet you" she smiled and hugged him, she looked at your dad and raised her eye brow.

"Yeah nice to meet you......" your dad trailed off, you sighed and they welcomed you in, you had dinner and later went up to your old room.

"They hate me" Louis cried out, "No they don't Lou Lou" you giggled, "Yes they do im going to die alone, in a corner without you" Louis said dramatically grabbing his chest.

You giggled at him and he randomly started singing the course of without you.

When he finish you heard some clapping you both turned to see your parents smiling widely.

"Well after that we certainly approve of you" you mum giggled and you looked at Louis and grinned.


"Harry stop" you giggled as he tiggled you in the shopping mall, "Pleaseeee buy me oreos" he begged, "ok ok" you giggled.

You walked over to another ille of the shop and got some oreos.

"(Y,N) you don't like oreos" you heard a familiar voice say and your turned to see your mum and dad.

"MUM DAD" you screamed and hugged them close, "hello darling" they smiled.

"So who are they for" your mum asked, "er my boyfriend" you smiled, "Ohhh since when did you get a boyfriend" your mum said and smiled widely.

"Yeah since when" you dad frowned, you chuckled and heard Harry, "Babe get some crisps to" he said and jogged down the ille to you.

"Who are you talking-" he stopped and looked up at your parents, "Harry these are my parents" you smiled, "er H-hi nice to meet you" Harry stuttered, you giggled and your mum smiled.

"Nice to meet you Harry im (Y,M,N)" your mum said, Harry nodded and looked to your dad, "(Y,D,N)" your dad said sternly holding out his hand.

Harry grabbed a hold of it and shook it, "nice grip you have there son" your dad said and smiled at Harry, "thank you sir" Harry smiled and grabbed your waist.

You smiled and pecked his lips

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