Gender switch on hold

One direction were the happiest boyband on earth till an angry jealous witch changes that forever. Can 1D survive a normal teenage girls life or will they get in trouble


7. news

Liam's POV

I guess we are starting a new band now. I didn't want to start a new band like Louis didn't.

Another day, another band.

"Sooo, what are we going to name this stupid thing?" Louis growls. I was soo on the same boat as she is.

"How about ... Um... The way?" Harry asks

Louis grunts, but I kinda like it. Harriet is the genius when it comes to names.

"Ok." We say, except grumpy Lou . I flick her head

"Why?!" She yells. We all start laughing and she leaves the room.

"Ok, with grumpy butt out of the way , we can all agree on The Way." Zayanna asks and we all agree.

"The Way!" We yell and start laughing.

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