Gender switch on hold

One direction were the happiest boyband on earth till an angry jealous witch changes that forever. Can 1D survive a normal teenage girls life or will they get in trouble


2. drowsy

Liam's POV

" Louis I don't feel too fresh I need to lay down." I say to Louis holding my head as the room spins around me

"Same here." Louis says laying down in his bed. "Maybe it was the fried chicken..." Niall says as he drifts off into sleep

"Zayn your hair it's growing!" Harry says pointing to Zayn but his hair looks fine to me. "Mate go to sleep... Maybe your justttttt......" Zayn says drooling as he falls asleep

I lie down in my bed I share with Harry and I snuggle into him

"Night, Harry." I whisper

"Night liiiiii......" He snores

And I drift off into a deep sleep.

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