He's My Fire, She's My Ice

A story I started on Quizilla, but never finished because it started to sound terrible. So, I'm going to rewrite it here on Movella :) hope you all enjoy!

No one believes in her. Ember Clause is the daughter of North. She and her twin brother, Winter, are as different as night and day. Fire and ice. This is because Ember controls heat and flames while her brother controls snow and wind. Training all her life to be a Guardian, she is horrified when Manny chose Jack Frost instead. Will the two seasonal spirits, both of whom are not believed in, find friendship in one another...or more?


1. Her Legend

North and his wife, Aurora, were not happy at all. Guardians, though they were, the one thing they longed for was a child of their own. Unfortunately, Aurora was unable to bear children. So, she brought joy to the children of the world through the colors she created in the sky. She gave them the northern lights, rainbows, and the bright pinks and oranges of sunrises and sunsets. The children believed in her, and that gave her strength. They could see her, but she wasn't allowed to be seen. What Aurora wanted more than anything in the world, was to hold a child to her. To raise it, and watch it grow into an adult. And, maybe, become a Guardian themselves.


"Aurora," North's heavy Russian accent sounded from the doorway, "darling?"

His wife sat by the window, like she had been many hours earlier. Her white hair, once shimmering with the many colors she controlled, now sat lifeless and ghostly gray. In her hands was a rainbow she had begun knitting. Even the shining colors had begun to dull.

"Aurora," North approached her, "tell me what is the matter, dear. Please. I wish to help in any way I can."

His wife did not answer him for many moments.


"North," she said finally, "I have been thinking...about children...about having one."

North hung his head, "We've tried already. Man In Moon has already told us that we are unable to have children."

A look of determination came across his wife's face, causing her hair to explode into colors, "Then we make our own!"


"Think of it, North," Aurora smiled, the rainbow in her hand shining once more, "you make toys and I make lights! Making children shouldn't be too hard."

North gave her a perplexed look. He didn't like the sound of this, at all.


The couple made their way deeper and deeper into the crystal cave. Aurora's colors danced amongst the gems, leading them into a large room. North gazed around his wife's workshop, noting how each color seemed to be in a designated area. In the center of the room sat the largest crystal. Easily matching Aurora in size, the crystal shimmered as she approached.

"This is the Borealis Shard," she explained, "it's how I send the colors out into the world for the children. And it is how we are going to create a child."

Confused, North watched as she opened the lantern she had been carrying and reached inside. Using her reds and oranges, she was able to hold the flames in her hands. Reaching up, she began to melt away the crystal.

"What are you doing?!"

"Don't worry, dear," she soothed, "the children believe very strongly in me. The crystal will return shortly."

North sat there and watched as Aurora began to shape the crystal. A baby's head was the first to appear. Then a neck, followed by a pair of arms. The torso was made in an hour, and then the legs.

"Come here, darling," she smiled, "come help me."

North approached the crystal, smiling as his wife laid her hands on his. She covered his meaty fingers in her colors, protecting him from the flame's heat. He then set to work making the smaller details on their child. Tiny fingers and toes with perfect nails. A smiling face with bright blue eyes. A small patch of unruly hair on top of its head, painted white with the nearby snow. And, finally, a tiny mark on the back of the neck in the shape of a snowflake.

"Darling," Aurora suddenly smiled, "didn't you want a boy?"

North chuckled and make a quick alteration. The parents stood back, gazing in wonder at their tiny baby. The crystal child was perfect. Returning the flame to the lantern, Aurora approached their masterpiece. She laid a gentle hand on the smooth cheek, smiling with tears in her eyes.

She leaned forward, "Wake now," she kissed the tiny forehead, "my son, Winter."

There was a flash of light, and the crystal was replaced with colors. Standing back, the parents watched as the colors melted away to reveal skin and hair. The baby boy opened his blue eyes and began to cry. North, wiping away his own tears, scooped Winter up and cradled him to his chest. Taking off his fur hat, he gently placed his son inside and watched the child light up with a smile.

"He's perfect," he whispered, holding Aurora close, "Winter Clause. Perfect."

North couldn't stop smiling as his wife turned to pick up the lantern. Suddenly, she gasped in surprise as the flame within gave a giant spark and burst into a full fire. Shielding his newborn son, North prepared himself for a fight. Against what, he had no clue, but he wasn't about to let his family get hurt. The flames became a small whirlwind, becoming smaller and smaller by the minute. Then, through the reflections of the crystals, shone the Man In The Moon. The light hit the whirlwind and it vanished with a bright flash, leaving another baby in its place. Aurora rushed forward and scooped it up, shocked by how warm it was.

"A girl," she said, smiling, "A baby girl."

North inspected his daughter. She was smaller than her brother with black hair fuzz and roaring red eyes. She was pale and giggled at the sight of the giant man before her. Suddenly, she made a funny face, wrinkling up her nose and opening and closing her mouth slowly. Suddenly, she sneezed, sending a stream of fire towards her father's startled face.

"Okay," North gasped, "that's different."

"Twins," Aurora could hardly believe her eyes, "twins, North! We have twins!"

"Aye," he said, smiling once more as the two children met each others gaze for the very first time, "we do. And, one day, they'll become Guardians!"

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