(Sequel to G. R. E. E. N SQUARED) Several months have passed since Lucy found out she was Mr Green, and since then has been experimented on and imprisoned by Megra who anticipates the extraction of the algorithm from Lucy's eyes so she can release the decoded shades to the three other countries G. R. E. E. N is based in.
Then G. R. E. E. N will expand and continue their projects to "make the worlds future safer." Such as reducing the population by weaponising Malaria and toppling some of the strongest Governments in the world. Dixon is still recovering from the wounds to his back, and spends most of his time on crutches. He lives in hiding assuming G. R. E. E. N is over, as Megra tells him, but despite this he still receives messages from 'OE.' Bernie however is torn between two lives and is being forced to bargain with one of them for the other. As G. R. E. E. N becomes closer to the algorithm, can the three pull together one last time to stop them, with help from OE?


5. Out of the Shower, One Towel and 'As it stands, no'


   Lucy walked into Dixon’s bedroom (from his on suite bathroom) to see Bernie lying on the bed.

   “Hey,” Lucy said, “Hey!”

   “What?” Bernie awoke from his own day dreaming thoughts.

   “Get the hell out I need to change.” Bernie turned on his side.

   “Just do it I won’t look.”

   “Piss off. Just go.”

   “I can’t lie down anywhere else.”

   “I don’t care.” Bernie sat up to look at Lucy, who was standing there in only her towel.

   “You know, you have never thanked for actually breaking you out of that hell hole.” Lucy put her hand on her hip, “Do you want me to grovel? Manners aren’t on top of my list.”

   “No shit. But they wouldn’t go a miss.”

   “Why are you acting like a five year old little twat?” Bernie threw his head back.  Silence ensued for a while, as Bernie turned to an awkward subject.

   “So, do you ever have boyfriends?”


   “I doubt you even have friends.”

   “Are you not my friend?”

   “As it stands, no,” He paused, “Have you ever… you know?”


   “Had anyone?”

   “I am so tempted to cut your head off right now.” Bernie got up and walked over to Lucy, and stood opposite her.

   “Try it.”


   “Try it. Lay one on me.”

   “For God’s sake Bernie, you are a pervert.”

   “Go on. Or am I not your type?”

   “I don’t have one, haven’t had time.”

   “Free for all, is it? I had a feeling. I like that.”

   “If I do will you bugger off?”


   “Fine.” And she did. It lasted longer than she expected. Maybe that was her own fault. After a few seconds she let go.

   “Good. Well done.”

   “Now fuck off.” Bernie laughed.

   “I need your towel,” Said Bernie, still laughing, “It’s the only one Dixon has… he hasn’t put a wash on yet.” Lucy glared at him. Bernie closed his eyes and took his shirt off. He was quite broad and muscly, Lucy had never noticed, as she didn’t care. She did more now. He was quite bulky. Still with his eyes shut, Bernie reached out his hand for the towel. Lucy gave into herself and dropped her towel. She grabbed Bernie by the head and pulled it towards hers. His eyes jerked open.

   “What are you doing?”

   “Being Human.” She said, kissing him. He tried to resist, but also gave in. Passion oozed from both of them, and Bernie ran his hands down the scars on Lucy’s back, as she pushed him onto the bed.


   She made a big mistake. She had submitted to his control. 


    She was also unaware that all the shades of G. R. E. E. N had been decoded, and they were ready to be broadcast to the world. The four would have to act fast. There was also something they didn't know.

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