(Sequel to G. R. E. E. N SQUARED) Several months have passed since Lucy found out she was Mr Green, and since then has been experimented on and imprisoned by Megra who anticipates the extraction of the algorithm from Lucy's eyes so she can release the decoded shades to the three other countries G. R. E. E. N is based in.
Then G. R. E. E. N will expand and continue their projects to "make the worlds future safer." Such as reducing the population by weaponising Malaria and toppling some of the strongest Governments in the world. Dixon is still recovering from the wounds to his back, and spends most of his time on crutches. He lives in hiding assuming G. R. E. E. N is over, as Megra tells him, but despite this he still receives messages from 'OE.' Bernie however is torn between two lives and is being forced to bargain with one of them for the other. As G. R. E. E. N becomes closer to the algorithm, can the three pull together one last time to stop them, with help from OE?


8. "Hello?", She's not on our side and Thirty minutes


   “Hello?” Dixon answered the phone, “Megra, oh hello.” Lucy and Bernie jumped.

   “Put it down, put it down!” Lucy whispered.

   “She wants to speak to you,” He handed the phone to her, “She’s on our side isn’t she?”

   “Megra’s not on our side you idiot! She tore my eye out!”

   “You didn’t tell me that, you should’ve mentioned it! Take the phone!” Lucy grabbed it and walked out of the room.


   “Join me Lucy. We could be unstoppable, we could rule the world!”

   “Clearly you don’t know me very well.”

   “I know you better than anyone. I’ve spent half my life looking for you.”

   “You need a new hobby.”

   “And you need some sense. I’m giving you thirty minutes. If you are not here by I then I’ll have someone take your other eye out for me.” She hung up. Lucy had a choice, but it was an easy one. Lucy walked back into the living room.

   “Everybody listen. We have an opportunity.”

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