(Sequel to G. R. E. E. N SQUARED) Several months have passed since Lucy found out she was Mr Green, and since then has been experimented on and imprisoned by Megra who anticipates the extraction of the algorithm from Lucy's eyes so she can release the decoded shades to the three other countries G. R. E. E. N is based in.
Then G. R. E. E. N will expand and continue their projects to "make the worlds future safer." Such as reducing the population by weaponising Malaria and toppling some of the strongest Governments in the world. Dixon is still recovering from the wounds to his back, and spends most of his time on crutches. He lives in hiding assuming G. R. E. E. N is over, as Megra tells him, but despite this he still receives messages from 'OE.' Bernie however is torn between two lives and is being forced to bargain with one of them for the other. As G. R. E. E. N becomes closer to the algorithm, can the three pull together one last time to stop them, with help from OE?


2. Five Months Later - Religion, The Other Eye and Bernie's Task


   Lucy had been imprisoned by Megra and G. R. E. E. N for five long months. She sat on her slab of concrete encaged in rusty metal bars like an animal, all she wore were grey overalls, unclean with bloody stains. She also was missing her right eye, which had been viscously ripped out, as it contained the algorithm needed to decode the different shades of green from the book. Once the meanings are found, they will be used by G. R. E. E. N as a communication network, spanning across four countries in order for G. R. E. E. N to take over the world. 


   The path to finding the algorithm was long and difficult, and Lucy had been interrogated for information about it. Of course she had none, and refused to speak, suffering inexplainable pain. She heard footsteps advancing toward her cell and did not move, knowing it would just be someone wanting to hurt her more. When he did walk in, she quickly stood up and backed away as far as she could, forgetting her hands were cuffed to the wall. 

   "Hello Lucy," The man wore a messy grey suit, and stood there smiling. As he walked in he pulled in a tray of tools on wheels, it consisted of knives and other implements of torture, "I'm Mr Gray. I only want one thing. I'm here to talk to you." Lucy laughed, stretching the cuts on her lips.

   "Really? They all say that don't they."

   "Say what?"

   "I just want to talk. Just to speak to you. A quiet word. I've listened to all your shit. And it makes me sick. Do you think He listens?" Mr Gray looked puzzled.

   "Does who listen?"

   "The man who you believe made the universe. Do you think he will listen to you when you beg forgiveness?"

   "Why is He a man?"

   "Because you are. I'm not religious, as you might have guessed. But I think I'm going mad. In my madness religion seems nice. Good."

   "I'm not religious."

   "Convenient for you. Isn't it? You believe there is no judgement. Nothing to stop you in death... can I make you mad? It might make you stop."


   "Can I have a book then?"

   "What book would you like?"

   "You pick one for me. One that says my madness is not madness, but faith. I'd like to read it to you. I think it will interest you," Lucy leaned forward to her interrogator, "Maybe it will make you mad." She raised her eyebrows and nodded, leaning back on her slab of stone against the wall. 


  Bernie stood in Megra's office, still with healing bruises on his face. Megra sat in her chair, laid and twiddling her thumbs. Her feet also rested on the table, causing Bernie to eye her legs all the way down to her short skirt. Megra rolled her eyes and removed her legs from the table.

   "It seems you still haven's learnt anything."


   "Sit down. Sit." Bernie ignored her, and chose to stand, so Megra stood up and began to pace around Bernie, which made his blood boil.

   "What do you think of Lucy?" Megra paused and walked over to her wall, in which a picture of Lucy was nailed.

   "Lucy?" Bernie stammered confused.

   "Yes. Is she pretty. What do you think?" Bernie eyed Megra in a way he hadn't before, suspiciously, "And you don't like men do you? Dixon? Ha! That'd be the day." Lucy walked back round to her desk and took a file out from her draw without the G. R. E. E. N nob. It was a file about Dixon Halliday, with one about Lucy Radler. 

   "What's this?"

   "I need you to break Lucy out."

   "What? Why?"

   "If you do that, you will gain her trust. Then find Dixon, lead them both here and kill them."


   "With Lucy's trust you will go far. You are the only people threatening G. R. E. E. N's rise."

   "Including me?"

   "We are close to finding the final symbols of the algorithm from her first eye. That has taken five months, you now have a few days to eliminate anyone else who would break Lucy out, for the reason of her freedom. You are doing this because you work for me. Lucy will make Dixon want to fight, and so they will return to their deaths. I have someone on hand to take her other eye, and if you release her then she will be more grateful of her release then than any other time."

   "I don't know if I can do that."

   "I think you can. Your rib cage has been surgically repaired, your arms are no longer dislocated, you can see. If you feel the urge you are not damaged so far that you can't have children. But not with Lucy. You seem to have an obsession with the women you work for and deluded."

   "Which are you?" Megra laughed heartily. 

   "I think the question is which are you?"

   "If I'm working for you, deluded."

   "All I want you to do with her is break her out and take her to Dixon. Nothing else," Bernie turned round and walked out of the room and as he did Megra caught sight of the green dye she injected into the back of his neck, which would stay there permanently forever. She then picked up her phone, and told them to do it.


   The door for Lucy's cell opened, and a guard carried in a refrigerated box. He set it next to the chair Mr Gray was sitting on and Lucy eyed it as it moved. Mr Gray then picked up a spoon from his tray of implements.

   "I'm going to need that other eye Lucy," Lucy froze and gasp in horror, "I told you. I'm only here for one thing."





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