The Movellas College of Fandoms

Elsa The Snow Queen
Glacier Ice
Annabeth Shadownight☕
This is a college for All Fandoms.
Application forms will be in first chapters.
There will be Fandoms as subjects and homework for each one.
As soon as you enter we will add you as a student.


3. Homework

Although School has not yet started, You need to know the rules.

Every subject is compulsory as this is a school for everyone. 

I will make sure that questions are not too hard so by a little bit of research you will be able to complete the homework even if you know nothing about the fandom.


You will be given a timetable, Three lessons a day. It is up to Professors whether they give you Homework or not.

They will send me, Annabeth or Glacier the Homework and you will make a movella for Homework.

For example.

The Movellas College of Fandoms Homework

Chapter 1: Divergent Homework

Chapter 2: Hunger Games Homework


You will just do all of the homework in one chapter so you don't have to make multiple Movellas.

Professors, you will also need a timetable so you can decide whether you will give homework and so you can prepare it if needed.

(Things like drawings and Quizzes are good as Homework - Be creative!)

The Timetable will be up soon!

Keep entering and remember you can be a professor if you wish!

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