Mind wave

Isabella May had a normal life until one say when she was ten she found out she had powers. She went to five different schools in England until her parents decided they move to America.they moved to a house on a little street in Forest Hills,New York. She was turning seventeen in the week when she was moving. Her first week of school it didn't go well. She asked people where she needed to go for her lessons but they ignored her so she ended up being late for her classes. And every lunch during that week a group of boys and a few girls came up to her and bullied her because of her smartness. The next week it happened again put she did something that made them worry which lead to spiderman come. That was when she met spiderman.


10. Chpt 9: We meet again

Isabella's P.O.V

Peter was very quiet for the past few days. He's not spoken to anyone. He hasn't answered questions the teachers give us. Me, Gwen, Harry and Flash have been trying to get him to tell us why he's not talking to anyone, but he just ignores us. However today I'm going to find out why and if he doesn't tell me I'll read his mind. Wait why didn't I think of that a few days ago. I'm so stupid. Anyway, when the bell went for lunch the five of us walked to cafeteria to get our lunch."peter tell us what's wrong." I asked, but he just played with his food. "Peter." 
" It's nothing." he said quietly. Well if your not going to tell us by talking I'm going to find out by reading. 'It's my fault he's dead. it's my fault uncle Ben is gone.' His uncle died. That's why Peter verbs so quiet. He is upset because his uncle died. Should I talk to him or not. I stopped reading his mind. After we finished eating our lunch, we walked down a corridor to our next lesson before the bell went and Peter jumped slightly, like he realised something. "Are you ok Peter?" Gwen asked.
"Yeah I...umm...just...umm...need the toilet." Peter said.
"Ok." Gwen said. When Peter walked to the boys bathroom ice started to creep up the wall behind us. Suddenly someone burst through the icy wall. It was Natice again. Everyone on the corridor started running away, so we followed them. One because Gwen, Harry and Flash needed to get away for safety and two so I can get my suit to stop Natice without anyone knowing who I am. We were getting closer to my locker so I slowed my running pace. " Izzy what are you doing we have to get out of here." Harry said. I know it's my nickname but I wish they wouldn't call me that what about Bella that sounds nice. 
" I know I'm going to help the others though. You go and get out of here I'll be fine and call me Bella instead of izzy. ok." I said. 
" ok but be careful iz- I mean Bella." Gwen said.
" I will I promise now go." I said. When they left I went to my locker and got my suit out of my bag and put it on in a nearby girls toilets. After I put it on I ran to where Natice or Taylor was. Why was she at the school again? She must know who spiderman is if she's always at this school. I stopped running when I reached her. " Oh we meet again,"she said. God what happened to her, I'm not gonna be mean or anything like that but she really needs help even if she is my cousin. "Where is your little spider?" She asked.
" I don't have a little spider I work by myself Taylor." I snapped.Crap. She might realise who I am. I should NOT have said that. She looked at me as if she knew me. " Isabella?"she questioned. I was about to say something but I was cut off by someone. "if it isn't ice queen." It was Spiderman. "Oh look the couple are here together, how nice." Taylor said in a joking way. 
" We are not a couple." I said.
"Aww I bet spidey feels sad now." she smirked. Now she was getting on my nerves. I threw a fire ball at her, but she blocked it by making an ice shield, which melted, but still protected her. "How dare you." she said.
" Oh well you lived." I said. Spiderman just smirked. I may not have knew him for a long time but we got along well while helping each other out. I looked at him but turned my head as Taylor shot an icicle at my face. I dodged it just before it went through my face. Then the three of us started fighting, two against one. Me and spiderman against Taylor. It went on for an hour. Suddenly spiderman got tied up by a nearby plant and I got tied up as well, so now we were both face each other. "I think we should find out who we have under these masks so you know who is who," Taylor said. Oh no this is bad I don't want spiderman to know who I am. Its worse that Taylor knows. "Okay are you ready to find who you both are because I am. Ok on three. One...two...three." then our masks were took off. I looked at spiderman to find out its. OH MY GOD.

Spider-Man's P.O.V

The fight went on for an hour until Natice tied us both up me on one side of the corridor and mind wave on the other. "I think we should find out who we have under these masks so you know who is who," Natice said. No I don't want any of them finding out who I am. Natice could find out who Gwen, Isabella, Harry and Flash are and tell them. I don't want them to find out. Their reaction could be what I think it's going to be like. I was cut off from my thoughts as Natice started speaking again. "Okay are you ready to find who you both are because I am. Ok on three. One...two...three." Our masked were took off by the plants. I looked up to see who Mind wave was and I couldn't believe my eyes. It was Isabella.

Isabella's P.O.V

I couldn't believe it. Spiderman was Peter. No it couldn't be real I'm just dreaming. But I'm not it's actually real. "P-Peter your spiderman." I asked.
" Your mind wave." Peter asked. This was starting to get awkward. 
"Enough of being shocked it's just stupid. And now that I think about it I should just kill you both whilst your holding hands but oh well." That got me angry. Yeah I might like Peter but I wouldn't hold his hand like a couple would do before they died. I felt myself go red a bit. "Aww does someone have a crush on him." Taylor said. That's it now I'm really mad. I burned the plant so I could get out. Why didn't I think of that ages ago. Once I was out I threw Taylor out of the hole she made by using my telekinesis. I burned the plant tying Peter when she flew back up so we could see her. "this is not the end. This is just the beginning. We will win and we won't be defeat by two useless heroes because we have an army. You will not defeat us." Taylor said. With that she flew off leaving me and Peter. We stood there in an awkward silence until I spoke up. "So your spiderman." I asked. He nodded.
"Yeah and your mind wave." I nodded. "Will you promise not to tell anyone?" I asked. 
" I promise if you promise." I looked up and smiled at him. Maybe we would make a great team.

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