Mind wave

Isabella May had a normal life until one say when she was ten she found out she had powers. She went to five different schools in England until her parents decided they move to America.they moved to a house on a little street in Forest Hills,New York. She was turning seventeen in the week when she was moving. Her first week of school it didn't go well. She asked people where she needed to go for her lessons but they ignored her so she ended up being late for her classes. And every lunch during that week a group of boys and a few girls came up to her and bullied her because of her smartness. The next week it happened again put she did something that made them worry which lead to spiderman come. That was when she met spiderman.


4. Chpt 4: Not again

Isabella's P.O.V 
It was my second week in America and everything was going well. I still haven't made any friends at school yet, so hopefully I will this week. I got out of bed, got changed and like I do every morning I jumped over the banister at the bottom of the stairs. I didn't have any breakfast today because I was already five minutes late, so I grabbed my bag and my skateboard ,what I found out was a present from my aunt and uncle for my birthday which was in a month and went out the door. I rode my skateboard all the way to school since I didn't want to wait half an hour for the next one otherwise I would have been late. After I arrived there I jumped off my skateboard and placed it in my backpack and zipped my bag up so it wouldn't fall out whilst I was walking to my locker. When I reached my locker I took my skateboard out and put it in my locker, luckily it was just the right size for it to fit in. I got my books for my first class and set off to my first class.
At lunch I sat outside to draw a picture of a bush of flowers, then something caught my attention. Something bad was going to happen I rushed to the girls toilets, fortunately to find no one in so I quickly changed it my superhero outfit ( black hoodie with my superhero logo on, black unripable jeans and black boots. oh and my black mask with blue on one end and orange on the other). I quickly threw my bag with my clothes in, in my locker and ran to where the bad thing was going to happen. It was a girl, about my size, with dark blonde hair and glasses, walking down a corridor. But then two boys started following her. One with lightish,darkish brown hair, the other with dark brown hair. She saw them and started running. They caught up with her and the one with lightish brown hair punched her in the back making her fall. It reminded me of when that happened to me when I was twelve but it didn't happen like that. They were about to start kicking her when I came out from where I was watching them and made the one with the lightish brown hair fly into the wall behind them. The other boy looked at me but wasn't scared. I told the girl to run off and hid using my telepathy power. She did as I told her and ran pass me hiding where I was before. I ran at the boy with brown hair and punched him in the face when he did the same and I fell onto the floor. I heard the lightish brown haired get up. As I got back up I heard one of them coming at me, I turned around just in time to receive a punch in the stomach by the lightish brown haired one. I huffed and tried to catch my breath. When I caught my breath, I started feeling my body get warm. I looked down to see my body in flames. Even thought my body was in flames I still managed to send a ball of water fly at them making them fall on the backs. I smirked at what the boys received after what they did to me. However when the boys got up they start laughing a bit. My smirk was then replaced by a worried look and my flames disappeared. I turned around to see a person wearing a red and blue suit, simula to the one I saw every time I went to stop a robbery or save someone from a fire,standing before me. He asked me "who are you?"
"Why should I tell you?"
" Because if you won't tell me then I will force you to. So I'm gonna ask again who are you?" he says demandingly.
"Not telling you."
" Ok you wanna do this the hard way we will do it the hard way." Just then he flung two webs at me tying me up in them so I wouldn't move. But my body went up in flames and melted the webs off. I could tell he had a shocked look on his face because he just stood there. ' my turn now ' I telepathed to him. He looked around him which gave me time to throw fire balls at him. He dodged them and they went crashing into the wall, then we did hand to hand combat. He kicked me and I flew out of some double doors and outside. I landed on the floor and banged my head hard against the ground. I started to see black dots. "Now this is the last time I'm asking who are you?" I looked up at him and replied "I'm mind wave." Then I blacked out.

Spider-Man's P.O.V
I saw her lay there unconscious on the ground. I picked her up and placed her on a near by bench. I checked for her pulse to see if she was ok. After that I took her home, even though I didn't know her. I opened her window and climbed through the window and put her on the bed. I heard someone coming so I jumped out the window and swingged home.

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